When will I learn?

Day off trying to do lots of stuff,not sleeping much as so anxious about work can't even switch off .was in supermarket and the fatigue hit just came on and I wanted to sit on floor.just got home on bed resting.so worried about further stroke I've had 2 not massive as big as thumb nail on MRI but my god I'm worn out!! This is how I felt before stroke exhausted not quite right I'm in menapause as well having a rough time my husband said stroke menapause and anticoagulant are to blame.but I'm worried to death 😭Help!!! Xxx

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  • You could find a better neurologist.

  • Sorry to read this post and that you are having such a terrible time. My experience is that fatigue cannot be ignored and this is a very difficult symptom to deal with. Particularly when you are working and having such a busy life and responsibilities. I do not know all your circumstances but reading your posts you need to get some advice on how you can best look after yourself! Work sounds stressful and that alone is not good for you. I found it helpful having some counselling and changing my job, taking time out for me and accepting I am no longer as strong physically. My mental state needed attention too as I was grieving my old self. Put yourself first.

  • Hi mmd16,thanks for your kind advice.lots of good tips I've had my occ health appt today was ill before I went in but I was ok .feels I have lots of health issues and need more support and to work less hours for 3-6 months?and other adjustments to job? Don't know what the future will bring as my new job different I'm learning but I feel they wouldn't have taken me on if they new how bad my fatigue is.take care enjoy your weekend 🤗

  • Don't think too far ahead live in the present and be kind to yourself!

  • Hi been awake since 3am ill with headache back of my head ?probaly tension or menapause? Feel shocking lying awake worried about stroke and my job 😩Feel I need to go on sick for a rest I'm exhausted with everything.worried about my job but they have pushed me to the limit!!! Another weekend of illness and anxiety just want to feel a little better and enjoy my life thanks for your kindness xx

  • Good morning Bb I am so sorry to hear all this. Not sleeping and anxiety are not good for you right now. Would you consider going to your GP and discussing what you are going through? I worry you are going to become ill so talk to someone about all this. Have you got someone close who knows what you are going through? I took my husband with me and he helped to translate to my doctor what was going on in our everyday lives. You need to get it out there and get all the support you can! YOU deserve it!. Tiny steps make small changes leading to big rewards. YOU must come first for a change. I know where you are at I have been there. You can do this! Start from Monday to access more help.


  • Morning mmd wise words I'm going to try .its this job really had occ health appt yesterday and the doctor was on my side.im seeing a pyhcologist every three weeks at hospital to help with my anxiety and health problems.was so worked up last night worried about Monday and seeing my boss .silly really as it's only a job but I didn't need all this extra pressure learning a new Job .ive had a healthy breakfast and going to try and relax 😳.thanks again for your support.acceptance is the key.xxx

  • I'm sorry, i know how difficult it is to deal with fatigue and the fear of another stroke. All I can do is look after myself as best I can on a minute by minute basis. If I'm super stressed and all that, I get worn out faster. I had to stop doing a lot of things I loved because they were either impossible now, or literally caused me pain.

    Try to be patient with yourself (I know it's easier said than done ). You'll feel better and be able to do more.

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