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Different Strokes
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Nerve Pain when weaning off Amitriptyline

Hi, I have been taking amitriptyline 10 mg for 6 months but cannot deal with the grogginess and weight gain post stroke. I did try cold turkey in May but unfortunately realised that was a silly way to come off it! I have been more sensible this time, have taken half for the past 2 weeks then was going to do alternate days from today but for the past 5 days I have had extreme pain in my lower back. I looked it up online and seems it is nerve pain ie sciatica so would be so grateful if anyone can help me or have experienced the same. I am going to see my doctor tomorrow which I imagine will tell me to rest more!!! Warmest regards Sue

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10mg is a very baby dose I think. I wouldn't expect much in the way of side effects from stopping this. I take mine some days and not others. Mainly if I remember it by 7.30. Definitely won't take it later.

Sciatica is an occasional issue but I know which exercises I must do to combat and improve this over a couple of days contrary to the old remedy for a bad back, keeping mobile is the real key. Keeping on the move and changing activity every 15 minutes is helpful. A wheat bag, hot water bottle, yoga exercises, a little rest and walking are good ideas.

Good luck

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Hi, thanks for your message and advise, so kind of you. Yes, I believe it is a baby dose so as you say that cannot be the cause. I do have disc problems which cause severe pain at times when I do something silly like lifting heavy items etc and also sciatica but I suppose it is affecting me more so after my stroke, it's affecting my good leg too! I have been doing the exercises but am limited in what I can do with left side weakness. Hey ho...all the joys of being an OAP! Seeing my doctor today as there has been no signs of improvement. Thanks again, best wishes Sue


I was taking 5mg to 10mg but had hallucinations. It can be quite a strong drug.


As long as you first get medical advice to avoid interactions with medications and supplements, cannabidiol oil has been proven to deal successfully with pain. It is a legal, non-high extract from the cannabis plant. CBD oil is a neuroprotectant and is anti inflammatory. There's much information on line and there are some reputable UK suppliers for third party laboratory tested, quality oil. I have started taking it again, being very cautious with micro dosing and leaving many hours between CBD and my medications, thyroxine, atotvastatin, montelukast and baby aspirin - and a couple of inhalers. I can't prove it but I believe that it lessened the effect of my stroke/TIA. NB All my doctors know that I have been taking it and not one of them could advise, nor could/would the pharmacist who my neuro suggested I ask. I don't want to take risks but we desperately need some integrated doctors of medicine here.


Effie do you have Aps: antiphospholipid syndrome?


And what does NB mean?


Short answer, I don't know, I've emailed my neuro consultant about a number of things, including aps, but there's been no reply yet. Given this shortage of information over this past 2 months post-stroke I've been looking for answers. Aps might fit with auto immune illnesses over many years. I'm absolutely in the dark. NB is nota bene.


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