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GCA sufferer

Hi. I have followed the PMRGCAuk community for some time and have had good advice from them. I have GCA and have recently been referred to a stroke specialist because of symptoms around the Carotid artery. He said that there is nothing to worry about as you don't get any symptoms before a stroke or TIA it just hits you. He also said the narrowing of the arteries that lead to a stroke are different from narrowing caused by the GCA. I would have thought any narrowing would could lead to the same results.

Do the people on here agree with this specialist. My rheumatologists have given very bad advice towards my GCA.

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What's a GCA?


It is giant cell arteritis. Basically it is the cells on the inside wall of the arteries grow too large and restrict blood flow. If it occurs in the temple arteries it can cause blindness. There is no cure at the moment, it is managed by steroids. A large dose to start followed by a gradual reduction over time. Normally 2-3 years


Giant Cell Arteritis? OK, I can see how that would put a cramp on your style.

They're right though, other than obscure messages only you would be aware of and even then not be able to do anything about, a stroke just grabs you and shakes you till you stop.

Best I can say is "Do everything they say to do after a stroke before you have one".

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I'm not sure if it's a worry if your carotid artery is blocked...


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