Royal College of Physicians - Stroke Guidelines

The following recent guidelines published by the Royal College of Physicians may be useful:

The "easy-read" version of the guidelines for patients and carers is available at:

The full version for clinicians - but don't let that put you off reading it - is available at


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  • Many thanks for this posting - it has provided both information and comfort that there is a way forward if treated & accepted openly.

  • Thank you. It prompted me to ask the hospital where I had been admitted whether there was post-stroke rehabilitation.

  • Thank you Jonny

  • I'm fortunate to have a wonderful consultant neurologist who keeps tabs on my recovery from stroke and, in response to my question about rehabilitation and exercise also monitors my AF. She had cleared me to return to the gym using a static bike and rowing machine. Today was the first day in the gym since prior to the stroke in July 2016. The point is that whilst NHS rehabilitation may be thin on the ground, we can ask for help in returning to fitness and cognitive ability.

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