Hello Everyone,

I just thought i would introduce myself as this is a first time for me on here.

I suffered a traumatic brain injury nearly 4 years ago which left some pretty long lasting damage on my brain. I have spent the following years getting back to how i am now. I have always wanted to join somewhere like this but I found it pretty hard confidence wise.

The main reason why i am on here is hopefully to help anyone who might want someone to talk to because one thing i have learned is it really does help to have someone to either share a thought with or just to give them a little pick up :).

Anyway i am waffling as usual so i will look forward to making new friends on here :)


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  • Hello Jond

    Welcome to our site, You can get help and support here,


  • Morning and welcome

    Have you checked out the headway section of this site too ? :-)


  • Hello Jond, I am new on different strokes too (joined yesterday ). I had what some doctors are calling 'a brain attack' in 2009. that was pretty major and I still have limited mobility on left side. I went on to have a seizure that scared the life out of my husband but then seemed to be improving until I fell backwards and broke the neck of my femur. Fortunately that was on my left side too. I was grateful that my major stroke struck just as we returned from holiday in the Canaries so my legs had been waxed and were tanned. I really have to scrape the barrel to find a upside to all this!

    I have been told that half my problem is acceptance but I am struggling to give in to it. Does anyone else feel the same? I don't think I can accept the stroke until I have the old me back.

  • i had a stroke nov15 they say that is quit resent but it seems like a life time to me have just returned to work just a couple of hours a day which i am finding really hard as still get fery tiered easily and still cant drive but a will kep trying dont wsnt the stroke to win some days can be better than others

  • i think the hardest thing is that your life can change so quickly through no fault of your own.and it hard as things we take for granted are now so much harder to do.my

  • yes a feel the same the after care with stroke victim is really bad hate saying stroke vctim but that what the docs say and am nearly back still feel so let down with the hospital docs think they just so bizy as it amazing how meny have strokes think they are finding it hard to cope with as every day more and more come in to hospitals all that seems to matter is getting u out as they need the beds just so flustrated

  • To be honest, mate, i think they are right - say a fond farewell to the old you, and embrace the new you - she's stronger than the old you, anyway. i reckon i am 85% of the old me, and the 15% has learned to sail, gone back to work, is fitter, doesn't smoke or drink, and needs more naps and accepts the occasional brain blank or left-hand weakness!

    Best wishes to you,

  • exactly Kate Anthony, I feel as if the real me died and my mind is still there having to cope with a useless body. I think the only thing we can do is find something we CA~N still do and work at that. I think we all need to go through a process of grieving at the loss of the real us. Love to everyone who has been affected by this cruel condition XXXAnnlynne

  • when u get home from hospital they just seem to leave u to get on with thingsand dont seem to relise how hard it is i from going to being able to do everything for yourself to all of a sudden being labelled disabled it can be difficult to no were to go for help a think overtime things to improve very slowly so just hang 0n in there heed ways can be goodfor meeting people whom are going through similer problems

  • I had a stroke but got off lightly compared to some. Hope you are are still recovering .

  • Hello i had a stroke in 2013,i was told by Doctor it was headache ,i was

    in hospital on Wednesday,it wasn't til after the weekend that i got a scan and then i was told it was a stroke,si if they had diagnosed at the time and gave me the proper medication i would not be like i am now,it has left my left side numb,affected my eye sight and more

  • i have lost all confidece in hospitals after stroke which effected my left side i had a mini stroke TIA in june 2014 which was missed then went on to have a bigger stroke nov 2015 which could have been prevented with the proper meds

  • hello jond. I had a serious brain attack 2009 and am happy (most of the time) to say that I survived. I find it hard to accept that try as I might I cannot get back to how I was before the stroke. I don't know whether it is me who is expecting myself to get better or whether I perceive that others expect me to do more. The upshot is that I am doing something entirely different and writing a novel. I feel it is something that will bring meaning to my life and a sense of achievement. So my advice is go for something new!

    cheers and love to all in the same situation


  • Hello Jond, I am a stroke survivor too, had a stroke in 2012 now 4 years ago. Just after a major brain tumor, had done the operation and when I was back at my place, 1 week later I didn't feel well. Went to the hospital, they checked me and found nothing, but when I left the hospital and went to a friend, I got the stroke. I am lucky I was near the hospital. The only thing I could not speak for 3 months and my right vocal cord is parallized. I can not eat spicy things anymore, and that is a big problem when you live around Azian People. But it goes well now. When people see nothing at you they do not understand how you suffer inside.

    I wish everyone a good recover and keep maybe in contact.


  • Hello I joined a few days ago its lovely to talk other people that have suffered a stroke like myself and are making a recovery you don't realize that so many have had strokes

  • I had two strokes a year ago - improving all the time but people assume that just because I am walking and talking that I am absolutely fit. And I am not. Even family find it hard to understand the damage caused. So, sod em all, I am going to survive.

  • would just like to say hello feeling very flustrated as failed stroke drivers ot assessment cant

    understand the compis bit of it must be some of the damage that has been done

  • dont understand was at my own docs and was told my hospital filr had been closed there nothing else they can do even though i had still drving assessment to do and u meant to see y our consiltant after u do it .have seen doc once dont no how to move on from this feel like just driving any way as they dont seem to caresall that seems to matter is getting me off thererecords they have made so meny mistax and then blame the stroke feeel so let down with the after care a look ok to them so just get out our way feel am just in there way/to me driving is important to docs am just a pest

  • what is it with ot when they make a mistake they blame u they were meant to put driving referal through to edinbrough and have not said to wait till after to day but that not they said 12 weeks ago

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