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Hi Everyone, Thank you for all the lovely replies and just to let you know that yesterday was my first day of feeling a hundred per cent better. I woke up with a clear head, no muzziness and more energy. Possibly the new blood anti stickiness tablets are working. I feel I have got away very lightly compared with some of you and I wish you all the best of health and care in the future.. Maureen

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Good to hear - just take it steady !


Fantastic to hearbthis positive news. Thanks for sharing


Lovely to hear you are doing so well,some good news


Long may it last!


wonderful that you feel 100 per cent. I would be happy with 50 % good for you however you have got there keep it up. well done you.


Many thanks Maylin. Not quite 100 per cent as I discovered when I collected my new glasses from the Opticians. I mentioned what had happened and she did a field test and discovered I had a blind spot in my right eye. I was aware of a misty patch but just thought it was age related. She gave me the graph and a letter for my GP which I have handed in this morning. Apparently this can occur following a TIA. I think it is called something like Amarosis Fujex and can cause blindness.

I actually feel quite calm and think I have had a good innings, plenty of ups and downs but appreciate the beauty of nature and a love painting.

Life is full of surprises , some good some bad but I am still enjoying every minute while I can.

Best wishes Maureen

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Thanks #mhazel and I'm SO pleased for you! do take care and enjoy your rediscovered health, by the way, what ARE those new blood anti stickiness tablets you talk of. just something to sound out my doctor on (of course I wouldn't try anything without his approval)


Thank you so much for your good wishes. The tablets are Clopidogrel Zentiva 75 mgms. Take one every morning after food. They can upset your stomach like aspirin so I also have Omeprazole 20 mgms. Regards Maureen


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