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dizziness after a stroke

Hi can anybody help i had my stroke 18 months ago and at the time had a brain bleed and had to undergo an operation and effected the part of my brain that controls the balance and i have constant dizziness at different levels from day to day has anybody else had this problem and round a way to ease or eleviate this dizziness as it gets me down and restricts eveyrthing i do many thanks.

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Hi, have you asked health professionals about this ??

If you can why not try the ant seasick wristbands?? And maybe the brandt daroff exercises if they are safe ?? ☺


Hi I still suffer a lot from dizziness and also headaches my physio told me to slow down when getting up


Hi SUSIE thanks for the reply i was told the same as regards getting up but my dizziness is with me constantly it overtakes me sometimes and i have fallen due to it at least 3 times ,i am very grateful to still be around as my surgeon said only 5% of people survive this type of strokebut this dizziness does get you down,nice to hear from you .


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