Different Strokes


Hi All. I have just joined this morning. I suffered 2 TIA's followed by a small stroke in 2012. My GP was brilliant, only a young man who had recently taken over the practice from his father. I explained my symptoms to him and said I had been left with this terrible pain in the right side of my head. I was immediately sent to the hospital, where it was like being in Casualty, I had immediate tests and scans then saw a consultant, all in 90 minutes. He told me I had a blocked carotid artery that had caused the symptoms and he was in disbelief that at a 97% blockage I was still alive. I was immediately admitted. A day and a half later I was sent over to a local private hospital, where I had an op to insert a stent in my carotid artery. The consultant was from London and he was down to do a few ops that day, private and NHS and he fitted me in. I am on medication now for life, but consider the treatment and response was second to none. I am so lucky, I have few residual effects. I trip over on words now and again and my memory is shot to bits, but other than that I am okay. My Dad was not so lucky, same surgery, older doctor. Did not recognize Dad's symptoms and sadly he went on to have a full blown stroke at a very fit 74 who cycled and walked every week which put him in a wheelchair after spending 5 months in hospital. He tried to sue the doctor but got nowhere. He is now virtually bedridden. He is so angry and embittered.

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I don't blame you dad for being upset.I am glad you had a good experience but many of us don't. I hope he gets better soon.


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