Stroke Survivors Views and Experiences with Medicines: Please help us with our research

We are interested in your experience with your medicines. If you have had a stroke or mini-stroke (TIA) live in the UK, take medicines regularly and have 5 minutes to spare we would be really grateful if you could tell us about how you get on with your medicines by following the link: ( )

Many thanks,

Sarah (Lecturer) and Nansi, Zoe and Abdul (My undergraduate students)

2 Replies

  • I find the medications are not good - one makes me breathless, one makes my ankles swell and the weird dreams and pain from statins are awful - my doctors reaction - up the dose - no comment necessary!!!!

  • I have had 2 strokes due to AntiPhospholipid syndrome, I take Warfarin and have no problems with it. Mine has nothing to do with blood group or ethnicity I have an auto immune disorder which causes my blood to be too thick and clot too easily. Discovered a year after the second stroke.