Holiday HD Dialysis in France

Am looking at going to France on holiday but can not find any sites that are in English (non french speeker) and have spoken to my holiday co-ordinator at my dialysis centre who says the French are not very helpful.

Has any one been to France and could advise me of web sites.

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I have dialysed many times in France and have always had nothing but top class care. Most of the units I have been in have been top class, much better than my home unit in Lincolnshire. The language can be a problem but you are going to their country, what I do is get several 'key' dialysis phrases translated on a sheet of paper so that I can at least make a basic communication with the staff.

One unit in St Malo several years ago had an Austrailian nurse so that was a surprise and helped communications!

Also look on Global Dialysis website which has a tremendous amount of information on dialysis units all over the world as well as France. I f the language remains a problem there are many quite cheap translation software programmes available.

Hope some of this helps?

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Thanks for your input and looking into the St Malo area as this is where the family want to go.