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Promised ease of booking holiday dialysis -v- reality

My own unit which is in a holiday destination is bursting at the seams and has no space for holidaymakers. Likewise I have tried booking holidays only to be disappointed to learn that the units were full and could not take holidaymakers, so much for being told there would be no problem having holidays on dialysis. There is fast Becoming too little availability for local patients without being able to allow patients the chance of a holiday.

Does anyone on here have space for holidaymakers at their holiday destination unit?

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Hi, I would contact Freedom Travel, and see if they can help.

What is your holiday destination. If you have no joy you might wish to contact the NKF's advocacy service.


I too have found it so difficult to find a dialysis unit willing to take me in for a holiday.i have had to book a year in advance to be able to have a holiday last year with one of the hospitals which I normally go to not taking in holiday patients because they have enought patients of their own it appears to be a growing problem with more people needing dialysis.


Seems it would be an idea to let people swap units...A bit like a house swap. ....

arranging holidays that coincide.


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I have always been able to get a week or two at the mermaid centre in wells next the sea norfolk. I always went to cromer dialysis unit but they are unable to take holiday dialysis patients any more and they recommended the mermaid centre. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is a lovely centre with lovely caring staff and just what you need when you are worried about going anywhere strange. It's also a beautiful part of the uk to visit.

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Its becoming increasingly difficult to find spaces in the UK.

We need more smaller units in housing developments, shopping centres, and other visiting locations to accommodate the need.

I had to get the NKF advocacy officers involved just to spend time with my partner in another part of the UK.


What were the .advocacy officers able to do?


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