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Symptoms of diabetics


Many people ask what are the symptoms of diabetics. As a matter of fact, diabetics is not a disease. It is an inability of the body system to produce required amount of insulin. The reasons for this inability are manifold. We support with medicines (whatever type it may be - ayurveda, allopathy, unani or whatever sort) to gear up the system to produce the required quantity of insulin or we directly inject insulin to the blood. With proper care you can live your life fearless. Overenthusiasm, over confidence and most importantly not taking adequate care in medication and inadequate exercises create problems. The symptoms of real diabetics cannot be detected in the early to middle stage unless you carry out regular check up. It is optional that any person should get medical check up and in particular blood sugar and cholesterol regularly after the age of 35 (there is no yard stick for the age, you can do tt even early where in particular you have it heriditerally). The symptoms when becomes knowable, the disease will have crossed the danger mark and the patient will require full doze treatment. However known symptoms in the early stages are - Crazyness for sweet (the desire to have more sweet than earlier), untimely mouth dryness, more urination than usual. Normally people doubt about diabetics when some would does not dry up soon. But this stage is too late.

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