Diabetese ...wonder herb SADABAHR

Sadabahar or baramashi or sadapusp.Its botanical name is Vinca Rosea.It is found in practically every home in north india.Taken 7 leaves alongwith its flower which is violet or white,chew it and swallow it with water on empty stomach.If you have consistant cough and cold add 7 leaves of tulsi also .just one ml Oil of sadabahar is capable of controlling 125 to 250 mg of blood sugar.jAnd this oil can be made at home.

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  • I have also heard about it...it is quite bitter in taste and is useful in treating even cancer...pls do share how to make the oil because i think it would help people who do not have access to fresh leaves everyday...thanks Kamtadale

  • Found this on how to prepare oil:


  • what about the ones with white flowers?

  • they are as good as with violet flowers.

  • Is this same as paneer kay phool?

  • can not say,I am not aware of this.

  • sir,this shrub is available in every garden,park etc.Even if oil is not made, seven leaves with one flower,taken empty stomach in the morning is enough.Why this is called sadabahar because it remains green and give flowers round the year.Even you can plant it in your flower pot.

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