I am 52 yrs old and diabetic last 8 years or so and am taking tablets ( zoryl m2 ) .However have weak erections now . What to do now ??

I am 52 yrs old and diabetic last 8 years or so and am taking tablets ( zoryl m2 ) and it is largely under control now . Do a lot of exercise and golfing too. however I find i have now weak erections ---what is the solution for this ?? I otherwise have weight under control as well as BP and cholestrol.


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  • if u r not hypertensive not taking anti hypertensives take sildenafil(viagra 50 mg) once in 15 days

  • I am actually taking tablets for Blood Pressure / hyper tension. what other options do i hv?

  • It is a myth that just regulating sugar levels tested through blood/urine is enough. The medicines mask the problem. Medicines do not improve the quality of insulin which is very important. Nutrition supplements such as protein, vitamins and minerals of appropriate combination help reverse the condition to an extent and you can expect improvement in virility too. -9535279932

  • Sexual dysfuncion is one of the consequences of diabetes.Consult your doctor whether you are fit to use sildenafil and such.You should first remove the fear factor from your mind that just because you are diabetic you cannot perform.It need not always be correct also,especially if you are going for regular exercises

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