Are Tropicana 100%, Jamun Juice and Lite Horlicks safe for diabetics

As most of you might know there are two-three varieties of sugarless/preservetive free branded 100% juice by Tropicana and sugar-free Lite Horlicks. For those in Bangalore you might have observed sugar-free Jamun juice sold in major departmental stores. Atleast my physician said okay to Lite Horlicks (150-200 ml at bed-time). Didn't check on others yet though.

Any inputs/experience from members of this forum? Thanks...

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  • NEVER No Juice in tetrapacks are ever doing to be good. So a BIG BIG NO to them more so to all SUGAR free stuff which are just loaded with aspartame/sucralose. Taste of "SWEET" also triggers insulin secretion and so that can trigger cravings. Doesn't though of pickle let you salivate automatically? SAme with sugar free :)

    As for Horlicks before BED --- Ayurveda says everything should stop 2 hrs before going to bed ... yes even water intake should stop. When you go to bed body should only be busy repairing itself rather than be busy in digesting while you sleep.

    However, if you get Hypos (due to being on medicines) in middle of night then take some peanut butter sort of thing before going to bed.

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