Too Much Sweetness

Hey i am bhikhu sharing my experiences with you. In the last week of August-2011 i was down with fever, in the beginning i took home medicine but to no avail. My wife took me to specialist who suggested blood test, after taking heavy anti-bio tics, my fever subsided but i was feeling too much of weakness so doctor suggested one more blood test including urine and sugar check and culprit was caught, initially i could not believe but after few days, was able to absorb the shock. My uncle & father are enjoying this friend's company so as my maternal uncle (mama). May be gift from my father's side and mother's side, i believe.

Regular exercise and strict diet control and stress free life alone can help, that i understood with much difficulty, since now i have to sacrifice or control the amount of rice intake and my favorite flavor of ice-cream. So diabetes teaches us the value of sacrifice. I was lazy as far as exercise is concerned, if i see somebody doing exercise i use to sweat but now life has taught me to do what i don't want to do. Mediation usually helps. My advise to everybody to try for 'vipsyna' a meditation course which was helpful to me. -Bhikhu


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  • Absolutery true. One learns the value of self control onl;y after one is caught up in the booby trap of diabetes

  • what is vipsyna' a meditation?

  • It is a type of meditation. This is a method (technique) adopted by lord Buddha for salvation. It is taught at Igetpuri near Nasik. Find out more about this meditation course on its web-site or get information from Google or any search engine. If you have spiritual inclination it will definitely help you however it not connected to any religion. This course helps to de-stress your body.

  • Thank you very much for the advise i will follow your instruction. My height is 5feet 1 inch and weight is 56 kg current blood sugar level FBS 129 mg and PPBS 201 mg

  • Carbs from GRAINS restrict.

    Elminate Potatoe from food.

    Restrict carrots

    Restrict beet root.

    TOTAL CARBS in a day restrict to 120gm/day preferrable no more than 40gm/meal

  • Whenever a diabetes is indisposed and is treated with antibiotics, his sugar level surge but later returns to normal after a few days(5days in my case), once the treatments are over.

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