Advice me medicine or insulin

I have diabetic last 10-12 years, my last medicine is diabetrol 2/1, now 3 months before my doctor convert to me from medicine to insulin. i have take human mixtard 30/70, 18 unit before breakfast & 20 units before dinner my fasting is 120-130 & PP is 170-180, reading of gulcometer.

please help me medicine or insulin, who is best for me??????????

And also please advice me...................................

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  • When the blood sugar level is high the function of the liver heart kidneys all blood vessels, all nerves decaying sense organs such as eyes ears nose tongue and skin become irregular or disorder and health condition comes down. Above all mental state of the diabetic patient is always weak or unhealthy; also emotions are always uncontrollable leading to quarrels in the family life.

    Blood sugar level under control is acceptable for the time but it is not the final point of the treatment. The result should be minimum level of blood sugar at fasting and after food all days. Bringing all functions of the internal organs and systems in order is the final point.

    Lack of enough exercise for the abdomen, especially lower abdomen ,causes circulation block to the lungs, liver, heart ,pancreas, intestine, uterus ,ovaries, bladder, genital organs and upper and lower legs and hence the person becomes the victim of severe rheumatism muscular pains lower back pain knee troubles muscle cramps of legs and abdomen etc.

    Everyone shall be careful for having good enough food only , enough drinking water, enough exercise and highest cleanliness.

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  • Tablet can harm ur stomach !!!keep with u one or two toffees or some sugar on ur outing.Insulin sometime can bring down sugar in blood.Suitable exercises,brisk walking,regularly can help u in sugar control !!

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