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Household remedy for Diabetes

Once on my accidental visit to a stationery shop, a handbill was displayed household items but effective for Diabetes. All items are available from grain merchant shop.

whole wheat, Eatable Gum, Barley and Kalonji grains [looking like black sesemme seeds.

Before starting this check your Sugar level.

100 grams each of above items and soak in 5 glass of plain water and place it in glass jar in morning. In the eveing, boil same mixture for 15 minutes. Allow it to cool then strain it and fill liquid in glass bottle.

Next morning take this liquid about tea cup full before empty stomach for 7 days. If needed make same liquid again with above method.

Again check your Sugar level. If you find improving continue till your sugar level is comfortable. If not improving then give up. This looks like absolutely innocent.

This is informed without any responsibility on me and out of good faith only. To start or not to start this, is absolutely your decision and your own good intellect.

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I have tried twice in year 2012. But it was not helpful in my case.

Arvind Agashe


i have tried boiled 2 litres of neem water and it gave slow effect. during the entire day i have been drinking 2 litres of that water


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