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Covid vaccine


Friends , what is your opinion about covid vaccine. Should take or not . What you all think . Please share

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Covid - 19 vaccine?

In UK TV and news media is full of discussion.

I had my vaccine 8 weeks ago and waiting for the second on, I did not have any reaction. My wife also had her first vaccine and waiting for the second one.

There are many reports on the long Covid, long term after effect on corona virus.

Different people react differently to this vaccine therefore look at all the side effects before making an informed decisions.

Take care.

karan79 in reply to sandybrown

That’s good news you got vaccine. I was just wondering not in favor to get get vaccine. Don’t know why . Do you think people get covid they will get vaccine first or different treatment.

sandybrown in reply to karan79

Do not understand your question?

karan79 in reply to sandybrown

I know so many peoples they don't want the vaccine. they don't believe in this. that's why I asked a question. what other think


Hi karan79,

Has your doctor said which vaccine to receive for COVID19? Do you have any allergies from any ingredients that are in the vaccine(ie.: egg)?

karan79 in reply to Activity2004

no-no. I want to know the opinion on the covid vaccine. a lot of people don't want. but why?

barani19Administrator in reply to karan79

karan79 ,We indians are not accustomed to taking vaccines. I don't remember taking vaccines beyond my childhood. Hence the fear. That's not the case in western countries

karan79 in reply to barani19

Fear no no ... I know so many Indians Pakistanis and even white they don't believe in this vaccine. they may be thinking if they are healthy they don't need or they doubt this vaccine. so I just wanted to know, if you are getting a chance, will you? or if not then why?

Cann in reply to karan79

Remember it is not a vaccine in the true sense of the word/original definition. I have been told by a doctor it is not a vaccine; it is a treatment. I had my childhood vaccines because that was my parents' decision, but now I don't believe in putting unnecessary chemicals and drugs in my body after so many bad experiences with prescription drugs that has left my body very sensitive and allergic.

Our immune systems are under so much pressure with pollution; everyday stress; EMFs and RFR; bad food, etc. that I need to support my immune system with good food and lifestyle, not stress it out further.

There is no long term guarantee of health safety, as there is no long term research of around 10 years at least for normal vaccines and in the NHS leaflet you will read on page 11 'we do not yet know whether it will stop you from catching and passing on the virus'.

It all seems like a mass experiment to me with human life and health, but everyone has to make up their own mind about it and as to whether it is right for them.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to karan79

Some people are allergic to certain ingredients that are in the vaccine(s). Others, like barani19 said are having fear of what could happen if they take the vaccine-- depending where you live. I'm in the USA and there are some people that refuse to get the vaccine because they think it'll make them sicker than the actual COVID-19 virus. This isn't true, of course. I got the first dose of vaccine and I'm doing great. I was just really tired and had some soreness for a few days. My next dose is in the next few days (next Wednesday morning) and I feel confident that it will be okay. :-)

I took covaxin two weeks back and waiting for second vaccine probably after 28 days. No fever but pain near injection site.

From the medical information and live on line discussion it appears that COVID vaccine do not have any corona virus in it!!!

Given this the vaccine is to attack the protein spikes.

There were reports that in 20th century experiments were made in Asia and Africa on vaccine trials therefore many people in UK will not go for vaccine according to news media and TV programmes were made to give a lot of advice to people from Asia and Africa.

Parents with children from 6 months to 2 years have to take their children for different vaccine. This is for protection.

The question is "Can you protect you and your family from COVID - 19? every time you go out there is a possibility you can bring home............................!!

Vaccine or not, you have to take an informed decision.

Yes. Two days back, both of us took our free first dose. There's no side effects. It's safe. I'm waiting for the second dose. I suggest all senior citizens shall take the vaccine without any doubt.

I am of opinion that everybody should take covaxin. Some may get shoulder pain afterwards and fever. India's Covaxin, the homegrown government-backed vaccine, has an efficacy rate of 81%, preliminary data from its phase 3 trial shows.

International clinical trials of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine (Covishield) showed that when people were given a half dose and then a full dose, effectiveness hit 90%.

My wife and I took covaxin today (13-03-2021) without any side effects.



The link gives an error!, I got the link and did a test, again same error.

Very interesting article. Please Google " India's Covaxin " to read the information.

Take care.

Here is a Doctor's view.

"Why I went a bit wild after my Covid jab: DR MICHAEL MOSLEY says he forgot the rules in his excitement... but whatever you do, don't be put off by the vaccine myths - they're not true"

You can read more in the link below:

Dr Mosley and his wife are both doctors.

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