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Good News for Diabetes - Apple & Samsung to Launch Smart watches which will continuosly show you your Blood Sugar Readings!

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Not surprising! This only indicates the confidence shown by reputed companies like Apple & Samsung in the sensor driven technology to eliminate pricking daily by diabetes.

Any way, we have already seen no prick Glucometers launched in different part of the world including India , though these are still under development and refinement stage...

But day by day, the errors are getting narrowed down......hopefully by another 6 months time down the line they will be as accurate as the manual ones..

In fact nowadays , I don't use the manual ones... it broke down few days back....Yesterday,. I was trying to buy another new manual one through Amazon and after reading feedback from thousands of reviewers users for accuracy of different manual Glucometers... Nobody has given a 5 star ....all say there is a huge difference between Glucometer to Glucometer and from Glucometer to Lab...then I decided not to buy any manual one for the time being...

So let us look forward for getting freedom from daily pricking your body to get blood....which we all hate! πŸ™

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Hi namaha,

The reason to get a regular blood glucose monitoring system is as a backup in case the CGM acts up and gives you false lows/highs. For me, when I have my sensors starting to act weird, I get my test kit and see how far/close numbers are at the time. If the number is way off on the receiver for my CGM system, then I recalibrate and see if the new number is closer to what I really am for the fingerstick that has been done at that time. :-)

Great information about the possible smart watch/CGM. Thank you for posting it for us. :-)

namahaAdministrator in reply to Activity2004

You are right activity2004.. The manual Prick type Glucometer will continue to be there for quite sometime until people develp a fair level of confidence on the sensor type... and especially for those people if the blood sugar keeps fluctuating wildly throughout the day....and one needs to cross check every now and then. For others, there is no need to check multiple times in day....once a while it is ok..

If companies like Apple known for its best quality products world over would produce sensor type smart watch for blood sugar checking , it only shows the confidence level in sensor type technology in blood sugar monitoring.

My blood sugar level HBA1c moves in a very narrow range 5.8 - 6.4 for the last 10 years and now with my newly discovered Low Fat whole Plant based blood sugar levels still narrowed down further.... As long as you eat healthy , do physical exercise, Yoga , Pranayam very sincerely and in a disciplined way, you need not is like fearless driving in a national highway if there is no traffic in the front....thank God πŸ™

With low fat plant based whole food diet, I don't have to count Macro's and Micro's....all built in together in tact.

I don't count carbs or daily calori intake at all from low fat whole plant food ... I eat full meal whenever I feel hungry. If you eat a lot of fats, you get 9 Kcal per gram of fat....if you eat all low fat plant based is only 4 Kcal/ gram.....Need not have to worry for overeating calories or blood sugar rise..

Nowadays I rarely check my blood sugar... However , I go for a more detailed quarterly check up in a Laboratory.

avrs in reply to namaha

GreatNamaha ji can I get more info on law fat plant based diet please.

DRH-sangliStar in reply to namaha

Thanks... can you pls share any link on low fat plant based diet

Good thing .It will be very costly and away from middle we have to depend upon manual one.

namahaAdministrator in reply to makarim

We will have to wait and see.πŸ™‚But this indicates that the future is bright for the diabetes...with regards to blood sugar monitoring due to the fact that reputed companies like Apple welll known for its quality products wants to make blood sugar monitoring device in wrist watch ! πŸ˜€

Who knows there will be other companies could make watches with affordable price !

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