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COVID -19 vaccine?


My GP practice called me to make an appointment to take the COVID -19 vaccine. NHS, UK is working very hard to deliver the vaccine. I have an appointment tomorrow morning for my first vaccine.

I can give more information on the vaccine tomorrow.

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Best of luck...Please keep us updated .

Is it Astra geneca or pfizer...????

Is it painful ?

What did you feel during and just after vaccination??

Also watch for any side effects therafter and please keep us updated for benefit of members !🙂👍

Congratulations. Still we don't the procedure to register. Waiting for information

sandybrown in reply to namaha

Thank you for your response.

I will give you an up date this afternoon.

sandybrown in reply to namaha

I had the Pfizer vaccine, I will be called to make an appointment for the second shot.

The process, three people asking a lot of questions on health, movements and COVID -19 related questions as well.

After the shot I had to rest for 15 minutes in case I had any reactions.

Will update on any reactions.


Up date day 2: slight pain in the arm where I had the injection.

DRH-sangliStar in reply to sandybrown

I think pain in that arm is normal. Last week I took Pneumococcal vaccine( which I take every 5 years, after age 60) same thing happened for a day.

According to UK, NEWS, India has started it's vaccine pro programme?!!!

A big task, It will be interesting to find out how India is planning to vaccine the large population.

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