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Paneer phool results


In how many days does paneer phool shows the results. As my dad's sugar fasting shows 250 from a week and 360 PP. We heard alot about this and have started with it. Just want to know in how many days it can show the results??

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Has your dad’s doctor suggested that he use the paneer phool for blood sugar control? Is he type 2?😀👍🌈

Mmmsh in reply to Activity2004

Type 2.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Mmmsh

Can you please talk to the doctor before your dad starts using the Paneer Phool? No one wants anyone getting sick or worse from anything. Also, we want everyone to be on the same page to make sure everyone knows why the blood sugars are higher/lower before, during and after using the Paneer Phool.:-)

THis may help :

"How does Paneer Ke Phool Help Manage Diabetes? According to Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner xxxx, "This flower heals the beta cells of the pancreas for better utilisation of insulin. If taken daily, even in small quantities, it could effectively manage high blood sugar levels."

Sugar control is depends on doctor advise. Some doctors understand beautifully depends on seeing Individuals individually. Kindly discuss with your doctor for advise and monitor sir.

Please read this article:

"DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Why won't the NHS tell you the secret to treating diabetes is losing weight? (Clue: Because it costs nothing) "

In my case I walked away from the GP practice doctor and stared my investigation on blood glucose. Life style change and I am not on any medication. Dr Michael Mosley is talking from his experience. His wife is a GP at NHS practice!!

Loosing weight is the best treatment for reducing hba1c fasting pp and random and it cost nothing

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