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How do I bring down my BP reading to 120/80 without English medicine? Currently it's 140/90 and my age is 34


My last blood pressure reading was140/90. My age is 34. How can I bring the blood pressure results down to normal without English medicine? Any Ayurvedic medicine?

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Lifestyle changes can help you control and prevent high blood pressure — even if you're taking blood pressure medication.

Here's what you can do:--

* Eat healthy foods.

* Decrease the salt in your diet.

* Maintain a healthy weight.

* Increase physical activity.

* Limit alcohol.

* Don't smoke.

* Manage stress.

* Monitor your blood pressure at home.

* Practice relaxation or slow, deep breathing.

Adopt DASH diet (Mediterranean diet). Eat a low-cholesterol, low-fat diet, which includes cottage cheese, fat-free milk,

fish, vegetables, poultry, and egg whites. Use monounsaturated oils such as olive, peanut, and canola oils or polyunsaturated oils such as corn, safflower, soy, sunflower, cottonseed, and soybean oils. Avoid foods with excess fat in them such as meat (especially liver and fatty meat), egg yolks, whole milk, cream, butter, shortening, pastries, cakes, cookies, gravy, peanut butter, chocolate, olives, potato chips, coconut, cheese (other than cottage cheese), coconut oil, palm oil, and fried foods.

Your body mass index is 25.8 and you have overweight.


Thank u sir


What is your weight, waist, height?

What are the blood numbers, blood sugar and cholesterol lipids.?

What are daily three meals like, stress and temper, work pressure?

dinkarblr in reply to sandybrown

Thanks. Weight 60 kg and height 5 feet. I have no sugar problem. Work pressure is normal

sandybrown in reply to dinkarblr

Do you have a home BP monitor?

When my wife had high BP, she had to record three times a day BP for three weeks, AM, before breakfast, lunch time before breakfast and evening before going to bed, this is to get daily average.

Doctors were able to see the results and then had a 24 hour device from the hospital.

doctor was monitoring the BP for 1 year and now on medication.

Any medication has side effect.

You need to keep a record of your activities each day to check what is giving you high BP. At your age you do not want to start medication.

What have you changed in your life style to reduce BP?


Have you talked to your doctor about changing your diet/medication? Please let your doctor know before you do anything that changes your health to be on the safe side of things. We don’t want anyone getting sick or worse. 😀👍🌈

Cann in reply to Activity2004

Generally, we find here, that talking to the doctor about changing diet is useless. One GP told me she had only one session on food in her whole training to be a doctor and another that I questioned regarding my father's diet (in hospital regarding gall stones) when he was given chunky sandwiches with thick slices of cheese that he said he couldn't eat, said, 'Don't ask me about diet or food, I haven't a clue, you will have to see a dietician about that - as if food is separate from health - that just about sums up our health service in this country.

When I was very ill after the wrong drugs in hospital with my penicillin allergy, the GP who only did one session on food/diet told me to eat marmite when I was losing weight rapidly - saying I needed to eat a good meal - when actually it was going straight through me and coming out the same as it went in.

After the marmite, luckily, I saw a complementary practitioner (who I have no doubt helped to save my life and that was recommended) said the marmite was the worst thing I could have eaten as I had a dangerous fungal infection due to the antibiotics and drugs.

When I asked the same GP, who told me to eat marmite, if I could see a dietician before I found the complementary practitioner, she said it would be a waste of time as I knew more about diet than they would!

Perhaps you now see why I have so little faith in doctors and the conventional health service.

However, to be fair to Boris, having suffered covid, he now recommends changing diet to a more healthy one and exercising, but then the public are being provided with percentages off the price of eating out up to 50% - for cafe and restaurant food which more often than not can be large sizes and unhealthy unless people are very careful, so again the 'money or economy' takes precedence over the health of the public.

We have to have a lot of self-control and put our body first these days.

I had to - it was a matter of life or death, not just ill health for me!

sandybrown in reply to Cann


I agree with your comments on UK, GPs. I had many problems. I am allergic to Salicylate , I found this out the hard way. Aspirin is a product of salicylate.

I take antis histamine, due to cost cutting I was given a different antihistamine for my allergy. I took one a day, the side effect was very bad, my wife said why are you acting like a mad man?

I looked in Google foe side effect, there was a story from South East Asia how this person lost all his friends due to the side effect of the medication!!

For me, for type 2 my life style change is helping me to stay out of medication the same for high cholesterol.

When I ask my GP for specific blood test, I am told NHS do not do this blood test.

I wanted to do blood group, vit D and uric acid tests, my GP said no we are not able to do it.

I am in the group of South Asian, in UK, my complexion is Sandy Brown.!

I am enjoying one life.

Take care.

Cann in reply to sandybrown

I am sure yours and my stories are those of many. I, too, was allergic to salicylate, but not sure I was before taking aspirin that caused bleeding in my stools.

The blood group should already be on your medical records unless you have never had a blood test. I am Rhesus negative and found out my group years ago because then I had to carry a card to make sure I was only given that blood in a transfusion/emergency.

My parents - my father knew his from being in the army and my mother was ill in hospital and I finally found out hers with a lot of difficulty.

Your parents blood groups matter, too.

I am O- and my father was O+ and my mother A-, so I am a combination of both and that makes it very difficult with diet because O and A eat different diets, but doctors know little of this unless they wish to study it.

Good you are enjoying life - I take a day at a time!

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Cann

Yes, I understand. There are some doctors here who tried to up doses of insulin or switch the type with no explanation as to how they would help me. One Endocrinologist I had years ago before the one I have been seeing for years put me on two that together kept making my blood sugars drop severely low when I was sleeping and she wanted to raise the amount without even saying that I should be on a lower dose to start with. That doctor was stunned that I never came back for another appointment. The one I have been seeing explains the reasons for some of the changes that he recommends to me. If I don't feel comfortable with something he says, then I tell him and we go slow with the change, if necessary.

I am also similar readings like you have. My doctor prescribed Sartel beta 50 for BP. Seems to OK. Which wrest machine is good for BP check. Any advise

Wrist BP checking is not accurate!!

Any hand machine

India or UK?


Go for a Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Home B P Monitor

My husband's was higher than that and he changed his diet to whole food no junk food at the beginning of lockdown - now 109/60.

We are currently trying to get a doctor to answer his question should he stop the drugs he has been on for high blood pressure for years that made no difference to the high pressure. There was also discussion on RT London news last night about how the conventional system does not have the patient's interests at heart other than emergency, all down to money and that was a doctor who said that.

sandybrown in reply to Cann

This very interesting information.

My wife is on medication for high BP, I am sure she will be interested finding information on the "whole food " that your husband take on daily basis. Could you please let me have details of the daily three meals. Thanks.

Cann in reply to sandybrown

That is quite an interesting question, because I eat on demand as I have done since I became seriously ill after the wrong drugs and treatment in hospital 20 years ago.

My husband tends to do the same now.

It was complementary practitioners that saved my life when the doctors said that they had come to the end of the road where conventional medicine could help me. I was taught to muscle test myself for all I ate and drank, by a brilliant nutritionist/kinesiologist.

She did so because she said that the body changes all the time and we were not near enough for her to muscle test me all the time, which I had to do to keep myself alive.

This was my road to health and learning for the past 20 years.

I learnt so much, but at that time, I said to the practitioner that I was worried about my husband because I felt he was eating the wrong food and would get ill.

She agreed, but said don't worry because by that time you will be well and able to help him.

She was right, but helping someone else is not easy because we are all different and our experiences and genetics are different, too.

Regarding my husband 's diet.

Gluten is a problem for me and I am sure it is for him, too, so he cut that out.

He eats oats though which I can't eat due to the protein in them.

He has fruit for breakfast such as grapes, blueberries and a banana.

He has porridge at lunch time whole oats organic which I make, followed by an egg usually or some fish - sardines, tuna, etc.

Then he nibbles at tomatoes and fruit until evening and eats a vegetarian meal with me that I cook.

This is usually made up of any of the following - chickpeas, mung beans/quinoa/millet, blackeye beans, black turtle beans, split peas or aduki beans (with herbs - not salt) and two vegetables possibly carrots and broccoli or potato/sweet potatoes and spinach.

High blood pressure, obesity and diabetes are very closely linked, I expect you know.

I feel that he needs to be careful that his blood pressure does not drop too low as that can cause falls and I experienced this with my mother. There is no magic pill to raise the blood pressure if that happens.

Unfortunately the doctors checks are too far apart in my opinion and changes can happen a lot quicker than the annual check-up can show.

I feel it is wrong that doctors prescribe these drugs and then it seems that the patient is forgotten about.

One really has to take care of one's own health.

Good luck with helping your wife and as long as she eats whole food, or as the doctor said on the news item last night - 'real food', she should see a difference.

We eat no processed food.

After all - that is for making money and let's face it where money is involved ethnics often go out the window.

The sugar in everything, especially, as the doctor mentioned last night, is designed to make the customer want more and more and this has led to a society of diabetics, obese and sick people.

sandybrown in reply to Cann

Thank you for taking time to respond to my question. When I went on my life style change, breakfast and lunch I can control what I want to eat. For dinner my wife has always cooked fresh food and I still enjoy home cooked food.

I am over weight and has been all my life. My wife is very careful with her food, we are in our 70's. We are looking after our health.

Take care.

Cann in reply to sandybrown

We can still over- eat on good food, although I am not saying that is what you do, but for me exercise is important, too, although my husband has never been one to exercise. Sounds like you are doing ok. You take care, too.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Cann

See your husband's doctor before you have him go off/change doses of his medication. You don't want any reactions happening if he stops the medication suddenly. Please let us know what the doctor says. :-)

Cann in reply to Activity2004

Interesting that, as my husband has spent all day trying to get a phone appointment to ask the question.

The technology is useless and phoning the same.

I sent an email eventually as I was so cross.

Eventually, my husband got through on the phone and is supposed to be getting a phone call - the system is frustrating along with the drugs they prescribe!

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Cann

Give the doctors/nurses some time to get back to both of you and then you can talk with them about making changes. I know it can be frustrating sometimes when trying to get through to a doctor's office. I have to call my eye doctor and dentist this week to see how they do the appointments since we have COVID 19 really bad out here in the USA-- in my state/county. If it was back to the way it had been before the virus (no virus to worry about), I wouldn't have any issues about coming in for both appointments coming up this Thursday and on August 17th.

Cann in reply to Activity2004

The doctor phoned and she said to stop some of the drugs and keep a check on his blood pressure himself.

She said that losing the weight and eating a healthier diet would have done it.

Like the doctor on the news item said last night - doctors give out the drugs instead of advising patients to change their diet and lose some weight - totally unethical, especially for people like my husband who trust doctors implicitly - I learnt the hard way 20 years ago, so am no longer so trusting!

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Cann

There are some doctors that I have to leave here and there, too, but I wait until I find the next one who I and my parents can trust that will be right for me. :-)

Cann in reply to Activity2004

This doctor seemed very efficient, but it is not always that way, like you say.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Cann

When I find a doctor I feel comfortable with/able to know they will work with me, then I try to keep them as long as I can. It took me a while to get my Endocrinologist.😀👍🌈

Cann in reply to Activity2004

It is not like that here, I am afraid, you have to see the one you are allocated.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Cann

What happens if you can't get an appointment with the doctor?

Cann in reply to Activity2004

We would go to A & E if it was life threatening, but it is unlikely because the practice would be in a lot of trouble if it was an emergency.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Cann

That’s good to know. No one wants anything like that to be done.😀👍🌈

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Just got done with lunch now here.


Dear dinkarblr

It is possible to bring down your blood pressure by a DASH someone has rightly pointed out...

Google out what is DASH diet....

However in rare cases in spite of DASH diet ( If it is because of genetic nature, if you are not able to bring it down below 120/80.....

Please don't hesitate to consult your cardiologist.... To day there are a dozen of BP lowering medicines well researched and Zero side effects such as ARB class of drugs such as Telmisartan are available which can be taken ....

Continuing with high blood pressure would be a slow poison which could result in Cardio Risk apart from kidney failure...

Thank you all

Although you don't have a sugar problem, that may be because your insulin levels are high. High insulin levels, along with the sibling hormone insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), increase blood pressure.

Keep your carbohydrate intake below 130g per day, and get most energy from natural fats instead.

"My last blood pressure reading was140/90. My age is 34. How can I bring the blood pressure results down to normal without English medicine?"

The message is very clear!

Life style change, go for exercise and eat hole food.

Do n't take any medication for Bp . SOME MEDICINE CAUSE DIABETES . Make life style changes PROBLEM GETS CORRECTED ON ITS OWN .

Thanks. Just started some Aurvedic treatment

TRIPHALA ayurvedic medicine acts very well in all problems caused by Thridoshas . It even reduces sugar levels . The powder can be made at home also .

Thanks again.

Hello dear

I am not diabetic but I can recommend one Ayurvedic coffee that could tremendously regulate your blood sugar and blood pressure. I am not sure where you are located and the availability of this coffee in your location. This is the coffee I coffee Indus viva Ayush Indian and USA also the manufacturers are.

dinkarblr in reply to prponaiah

Thanks. I am at Bangalore

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