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Not just the body: dealing with stress and depression in diabetes

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Not just the body: dealing with stress and depression in diabetes

This study measured the effectiveness of a new therapy program at reducing diabetes-related stress and depression.

Depression is a common problem in patients with diabetes. Roughly 10% of all diabetic patients have major depression, while another 20% display depressive symptoms. Both major and less severe forms of depression have been associated with worse outcomes in diabetes, including reduced quality of life and less satisfaction with diabetes treatments. They also increase the risk of complications, such as blood vessel damage and early death.

Treatment for major or severe depression includes medications (anti-depressants such as Zoloft, Celexa and Prozac) and therapy. The treatment for less severe depression is not as well-defined. Because less severe depression also leads to worse outcomes in diabetics, it is important to understand what treatments are helpful. A new therapy program, Diabetes Motivation Strengthening (DIAMOS), could be helpful for patients with depressive symptoms. This program assists patients in dealing with the stress that comes with diabetes treatments.

This study concluded that a therapy program focused on controlling diabetes-related stress led to a significant reduction in depressive symptoms.

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