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Avocados are useful in lessening blood sugar

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Also, everyone who are either Pre-diabetic or Diabetic would benefit from eating daily 1 correctly ripened Avocado, as this also helps wonderfully in lowering blood sugar levels. And Avocados have lots of other useful health benefits also, they are considered to be one of the topmost healthiest fruits on the planet, but one should restrict oneself to eating only 1 Avocado daily, not more than that, as it will increase their weight.

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While agreeing fully with the contents of the post, availability avocados in India, particularly in the south is a concern.

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sudharao in reply to ramana42

You are wrong sir, Avocados are available in all fruits shops in Bangalore, although they are little costly due to being such a healthy fruit. Only problem is in their ripening, I buy them dark green and in unripe condition, and then put 2 or 3 Avocados along with 1 Apple or 1 banana inside a brown paper cover and cover it up completely, they usually 2 or 3 days to get fully ripened. But sometimes they do not ripen even in 3 days time also. So I do not get 1 Avocado to eat daily, maybe once in 2 or 3 days.

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I will check.

Indian name for avocado

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