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New hope from the ‘Seven year switch’ in Type 1 Diabetes


A team of researchers from University of Exeter, England found evidence that the amount of insulin produced declines by almost 50 percent each year for seven years and then stabilise.

The finding is a major step forward in understanding Type 1 diabetes and contradicts previous beliefs that the insulin produced by people with the condition drops relentlessly with time. It offers the hope that by understanding what changes after seven years, new strategies could be developed to preserve insulin secreting beta-cells in patients.

The study, published in Diabetes Care, measured C-peptide, which is produced at the same time and in the same quantities as the insulin that regulates our blood sugar. By measuring C-peptide levels in blood or in urine, scientists can tell how much insulin a person is producing themselves, even if they are taking insulin injections as a treatment. The team studied 1,549 people with Type 1 diabetes from Exeter, England and Tayside, Scotland in the UNITED study.

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I am not optimistic. All oral drugs are inorganic chemicals affect kidneys with prolonged use.

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