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BP & Diabetes are buddies

Hi folks,

I was diagnosed with diabetes 1n 1994. But I had 3 paralytic strokes with coma & double vision twice. 1993, 2002 & 2013. I'm on insulin. Blood Pressure & diabetes are close buddies. They are killer diseases. I have a BP and a diabetes measuring kit (Accu check active). I use them regularly. Based upon the results, I adjust my food habits. I'm now 57 years old.

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Are you type 1, 2 or 1.5( LADA)? What brand of insulin do you have and when do you do your insulin?

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I'm a type 2. I use 40 units before breakfast & 10 units before dinner {Human Mixtard (Penfill)}.


Do you count carbs for each meal and snack?


Don't know, but highly mismanaged Diabetes. Insulin will never cure / help your Diabetes, but aggravate it. Only low carb/keto range diet would not only take you off insulin shots, but also prevent complications. You need to get reports done to know your Diabetes and the damage suffered by your organs. You have undergone lots of sufferings. Take care.

Very true. Diabetes and hbp are close associates. Hbp is due to Diabetes edema of the vessel walls which are rendered inelastic less compliant. Getting rid of high blood glucose will remove this edema and your bp would be under control to a great extent.

Good luck.


Welcome HAFMF.

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