Sugar free but with carbs foods

Hi , have one doubt in mind, can we consume sugar free foods which is having carb content (says 65 to 75 %) , is there any harm ?


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  • I think it is not good to consume foods laced with sugar substitutes not only because of the carbohydrate load but also because one will be consuming considerable quantities of substitutes.I do consume substitutes but only two tablets a day.I hope one day I will come out of that also.

  • Most Sugar Free has alternate sugar substitute - if tastes sugary - sweet -it has substitute

    which is more dangerous for health than regular sugar. Just forget or control sugar cravings. Only acceptable substitute is Stevia - which is natural sugar.

    Read the labels-if it says Fructose - also NOT good.

    What type food are you eating- give some examples with 65 % sugar ? ready made or home cooked ?

    Do you check your BS readings - after meal ? do you have sugar spikes with sugar

    free food ?

    You can try for two weeks and let us know.

  • At what time i should check my BS after eating ?

  • One before meal, just after finishing last bite and then every half hour

    until 2.5 or 3 hours -- so 5 or 6 times -- for one or two weeks.

    make sure to also record what you eat and how much - so you estimate your total carbs -- dont forget complex carbs in some veggies and pulses like daal, channa etc -

    Idea is to eliminate certain foods that causes sugar spikes - by trial and error - Once you know which food NOT to eat--then you will feel good and

    sugar will be in control for rest of your life.

    Your A1C will also go down.

  • But how sugar can increase just after last bite ?

  • wish you are here ..I can explain with chart...

    Just try for one or two meals and you will see the difference.

    Depends on what you eat ... anything with simple sugar ..say Jalebi, Gulab Jamu or other sweet -- and rice --will rise right away

    complex carbs takes time -- protein and fat takes more time --

  • I eat 2 chapati (30 gram) each with Sabji (leafy veg) for lunch and dinner .. will that cause spike in blood sugar

  • no rice and daal ?

    It should NOT ..but every one has different blood chemistry and different metabolism... so better to check few times. It also depends what type physical activities you have done before meal.. .

    you need to eat more than that - check calories and total carbs.. need variety of veggies - for better nutrients ... join Healthy eating here ...

    What is your A1C ? are you diabetic or just like to mess with me ? lol

  • My A1C is 5.37 and i am T2 diebetic .. i walk 2.5 km in morning and have sitting work whole day 10 to 7

  • A1C is good-- NOT diabetic-- are you taking any medicine - prescription ?

    How young are you ?

    walk little more -- and increase speed slowly.

    Dont walk too early ..NOT before breakfast ..

    Are you in IT or call center ? make some time to walk around office for five minutes - every one hour ...

  • Sure i will try to walk more

  • Because first bite was 20-40 minutes before and blood sugar rises within a few minutes of first bite, and of course, can continue rising for a couple of hours depending on total composition of meal.

  • Any time after meal sugar is 140 % higher than pre-meal or over 140 mg/dL -- and satys there for over 30 minutes affects nerves. Any nerve damage done CAN NOT be reversed.

    It is slow process ... it make take six to 10 years ..before any one sees a damage diagnosed.. such as Retinopathy ( eye damage) or kidney damage --

    I have taken 12 injections in both eyes for retinopathy. This may not be available in India.

    one of cousin sister is blind at age 53 - due to diabetes NOT in control.

    Thats why I want to inform ever one here -- Never depend on A1C alone.. just Monitor .. Monitor.. Monitor ..


  • Depends on glycemic index.

  • Sugar is direct enemy of Diabetes and High Carb is indirect enemy of Diabetes.

    U r eating sugar free food but eating high Carb so it is surely harmful.

    U shud eat max.45 to 50gm Carb at a time.(ideally)

    Also depends upon yr metabolism and other all parameters.

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