205-311 Sugar Level First time

Im 49 years old not taking any medicine and first time that my sugar level increase reach 205-311 for the pass 4 days. My sugar level is normal or the highes is 125 but that was several months ago. What to do to bring it down w/o taking any synthetic medicine. My weight is 79.2 with 5'4 Height.

Hoping to hear some helpful tips. Thank you very much.

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  • LCHF diet. Don't take high blood sugars lightly.

  • What had your doctor said about the high numbers? Are you counting carbs for each meal and snack?


    If you really determined to curb your sugar without drugs diet management is the only way as @anup suggests.

    Learn everything about diet. The key to reverse D is to lose belly fat. Reduce you weight. Take as low carb as possible. Exercise regularly. You are really overweight. With lchf you would be able to control your sugar in few months.

    Gud luk

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