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How to carry a filled insulin pen at high and low temperature in India

I am using both Lantus and Novorapid. Lantus at night only. Novorapid before breakfast, lunch and again at dinner. I take 20 units each time. Can we keep the pen and carry both types of insulin without using an ice pack in Delhi? The Summer temps. are 45 centigrade and the Winter temps. fluctuate. Please guide.

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Have you gone on the internet and ordered a FRIO carrying case? I use one to carry the insulin pens in for when I'm away from the house during the day.

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FRIO Insulin Travel Wallet will help you keep the Insulin temperatures under desirable levels for 24-36 hours. You find them in different sizes . You can buy it online , you may visit diabetesindiastore.com , I ordered one for a friend of mine.


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