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The functions of our organs are well coordinated by the body on its own and how it is done is yet to be known, though we have had progress.

The dosage of drugs we take for Diabetic Management may not be the exact quantity required by the body prompting the chance of the stimulus we take for increasing insulin secretion may leave in our system more than the exact quantity required.

What are the symptoms of excess insulin?

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Insulin secreation is caused by eating too much carbs.

Some drugs such as sulphonylurea *forces* the pancreas to secrete insulin which contributeto beta cell burnout and death. This was found in many studies.


Other drugs act in a different way - but all of them do have many side effects.

The major sign of high insulin levels is obesity.

In order to reduce insulin levels it is advised to eat low carb and reduce stress.

A good diabetes management is one that decrease blood glucose and reduces insulin.

If the total carb intake is less that 50 gr a day, both insulin and blood glucose will decrease to healthy levels i.e. non diabetic.

If you are taking medication always consult your doctor before you reduce carbs as you will require much less dose of your medication than your body needs.


Well said.


If the insulin level is more ( more than 7 ) is it sufficient to reduce the carb ?

If sulfunalura forcs the pancrea what other drugs required to control the blood sugar level upto normal level.

Metformin is one ofthe drug which helps to reuce the blood sugar levelfrom FBS. if Metformin only maynotpossible to control the FBs level then in addition to this

Pioglitazone maybe prescribedby the Doctors ( Thereare so much side effect noticed if piglitazone may be used for long term but at he moment for short term it may be used provided anyside effect maynot noticed .

But even these both may not possible to control then sulfunalurea itself is only solution. It is some how cheap medicine comparing to janumet and SGLT 2.

Without sulfunalurea drgs howto control blood sugar level ifbelow50 gms of carb consume may not help


If you are not yet on a low carb (ideally <50 gr total carbs/day or even possibly <100 gr/day), then the insulin level is probably high, especially if you are insulin resistant.

I'm sure that if you reduce your carb intake i.e. eliminate grains, sugar, potatoes, and all starchy vegetables, then you will need much less insulin. Thus, your body will secrete less of it and your pancreas will be relived from the pressure of producing it.

What i mean is that you will probably need a lesser dose of medication to keep Bg at low levels.

Metformin is the medication that has the lowest side effects to my knowledge. But it still has many. So why do we expose ourselves to the dangerous medication if we can achieve better results though a good diet.

The good diet means eliminate all carbs (<50gr total carb/day) from your diet. Eat lots of colourful vegetable especially green leafy vegetables, eat about 250 gr of a combination of meat/eggs/cheese/fish per day and eat also good fat such as olive oil, coconut oil, butter and ghee. If you follow this diet you should feel a great different in your well being as well as blood sugars (& insulin levels).

Following this good diet will make you less dependent on medication for sure.


50 gms per day is too low .



Can you mention one single scientific study that supports your statement?

I tell you the answer right a way. There is no scientific basis for consuming carbohydrates.

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Is there a scientific basis for fat consumption .If so , it is due tonon availability of grains before the cultivation of grains started . First of all these so called scientific studies are need based and opinion based which change with the changes in the nature and very much a part of evolutionary process .


We have heard of essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, essential vitamins, essential minerals and other essential micronutrients.

Have u ever heard or studied of essential carbohydrates or essential sugars..? Bhasathy


When the grains are consumed along with vegetables , dals , nuts , milk , oils and curds we get all the nutrients , giving all essential amino acids , essential fatty acids , vitamins ,minerals . That way , carbohydrates are essential . Everything is subject to the rule that any excess is bad , even medicine , even amritham.

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All the micronutrients from grains can be obtained from veggies. If non veg is taken then eggs and meat will also cover up. Fibres can be had from veggies

No need of grains at all



What about the satisfaction and feeling of satiety which we get with the consumption of grains


All psychological

Many of us are off grains

Fully satisfied and enjoying


Yes ,everything is psychological only . . But do you know even diseases also attack in the first instance at psychological level only. YOU could be enjoying that diet . BUT all are not Shashikanths



There are lots of research and fact on the impotence of fat for the functioning of the body.

But let me tell you one of the most important ones for diabetics.

Fact 1: Carbohydrates increase blood sugars and insulin.

Protein increase blood sugar and insulin slightly BUT an average person must consume at least 50 gr of protein per day.

Fact 2: Fats don't increase blood sugars or insulin.

Fats are important building blocks of our bodies. Cells membranes are made of fat. The brain is actually made mostly of fat.

This doesn't mean we live on fat but the diet should include all nutrients, vitamins and minerals as described previously.

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Yes , the diet should include all nutrients , vitamins and minerals .but not one at the cost of another .


Go down the line to 50 years


individual variability is a factor . some people gain weight when they take excess fat ,where as some gain body fat when they take excess carbs. But calories are calories , whether it is of fats or carbohydrates . So the proportion of dietary fat o carbohydrates is not the determining factor. An obese person can get benefited by the increase of fat and decrease of carbs , because increased fat reduces the appetite and the corresponding reduction in the total intake of food . But it can not be forever . One day or other he or she would turn back .Habits die hard.If the opinion that carbs , especially rice turns to sugar is correct how come for hundreds of years people in many countries where rice is the staple food remained lean and fit .In some countries potatoes were taken regularly and they were not exactly obese . Then again one gram of fat is equivalent to two and half grams of carbs . Net result , calories wise would be almost same even if carb consumption is double of the fat consumption .


Cultural differences are a key explanation. These people's insulin are most probably highly sensitive to start with.

Secondly you are talking about people who were physically active all day long. So they use the sugar from the diet. And they did not eat all day long either.

Thirdly when people from these cultures move to a country with high consumption of sugars and carbs in general such as the USA, they do become fat and develop diabetes.

Fat doesn't make you fat except if you eat lots of carbs or consume excess of calories while you are not physically active.

Becoming fat is caused mostly by excess insulin.



Habits die hard.

Yes these habits only landed us where we are today(diabetic)

especially rice turns to sugar is correct how come for hundreds of years people in many countries where rice is the staple food remained lean and fit .

Those were natural rice varieties... natural wheat...not Genetically modified grains... plus they were using good fats in form of Ghee butter.Oil was also non refined cold pressed oil.Fruits were also not sweet as what we get today...pesticides were less... even meat and poultry was also without steroids

Net result , calories wise would be almost same even if carb consumption is double of the fat consumption .

Calories wise double....but less insulin....so no storage....I am taking about 2500 calories diet....my requirement is around 1800...still I am losing weight...feeling energetic....cholesterol is also within good limits...

For a diabetic he should look for ABC parameters...


B=Blood pressure

C= Cholesterol

I am showing improvement on all these parameters...and I am on high fat diet...just less than 100Gms carbs...

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Also rice was cooked in a vessel and drained off the starch or "kanji". This was fed to the cattle or used for cotton clothes

Now we use pressure cooker and retain the starch

Also as you mentioned we avoid adding ghee due to the rabid fear created on fats


Fat was taken in the form of ghee liberally in the past . Only the so called scientific researches stopped all that .GOK ,when this new trend of low carb would change .

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Since u made this statement " gok when this new trend.."

I now understand why u are saying

Those on low carb are getting off medicines... Maybe allopathic, ayurvedic or homeopathic etc

Appears that this is hurting your business


i do not have any business interest either direct or indirect .


The statement is a satire ---like any other scientific research it could go back on it's own words , just as it happened in case of fatty food which was severely condemned for nearly for 50 years .


They all have a new purpose in life. And that is just oppose lchf in spite of it giving excellent results to those who adopt

In this forum I have not seen any one sharing success in other diet / system

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What is it any body gains by opposing lchf. Forum is to arrive at a solution for defeating diabetes and not for debates to prove one's ability to defeat others .



That what you are doing currently

Insteadof helpingother with homeopathy you are just opposing low carbers. Why not focus on how your systemwill help others insteadof trying to prove lchf wrong

You will not succeed


Homeopathy or ayurveda are more particular about diet also . It is not diet . It is treatment coupled with dietary restrictions . If one thing is discussed other thing automatically comes up.Naturally any supportive argument in favour of homeopathy sounds like criticism about other diets .Many times I made it clear that homeopathy is holistic and highly individualistic system . Mine is really an effort to help the really needy people to know many facts about the efficacy of homeopathy which are unknown to them due to various reasons .


IT was given openly in the forum , not once but twice .Many charts are discussed in public forums when they are given . All said and done it is utter foolishness on her part . Many times even if the data is not correct attempts are made to analyse a chart in case of public figures or the charts are discussed in case of ordinary people also if some thing different is found . She should have discussed openly in the forum .


That's really great.


genetically modified grains fruits , vegetables , oils , chemically bleached flours artificially flavoured , colored , synthetic drinks and junk food , synthetic medicines all are the cause of disease , if it were to be called disease and not the carb consumption. .No extra burden on liver and pancreas in low carb diet , but still the question remains as to how long that diet is tolerated and preferred . OK , NO ISSUES , THOSE WHO PREFER that way in any case go that way .There is no insistence on any particular fad .


My goodness!

We have come Around the World but not yet 80 Days though- that is the only relief for me.

After sailing through the Ocean with my fishing rod- I got only one that took my bait, ‘becoming fat’- the symptoms of Excess Insulin.

My consolation however is that this journey touched on so many issues which are food for thought.

Now, we get to the point. Any other symptoms, other than becoming fat?


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