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The Bmj Criticism Of The Dietary Guidelines Will Not Be Retracted

The BMJ Criticism of the Dietary Guidelines Will NOT Be Retracted - Diet Doctor

A year ago the British Medical Journal published an article by Nina Teicholz that was very critical to the official US dietary guidelines, and the weak science supporting them. Specifically the article and the BMJ editor in chief criticized the low-fat, high-carb advice that was said to be “driving rather than solving the current epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes”.

The British Medical Journal Slams Unscientific and Biased Low-Fat Dietary Guidelines!

The article resulted in furious resistance from old-school scientists. Even more than other people, scientists who have been deeply involved in this for decades likely have a very hard time shifting their thinking. Not fewer than 180 (!) of them signed a letter demanding the BMJ retract the article:

180 Dinosaurs Can’t Be Wrong, Can They? – Call for BMJ to Retract Criticism of Dietary Guidelines

After an investigation, The BMJ has just now decided not to retract the article. They stand by it, as they should:

Politico: Dietary Guidelines article won’t be retracted

RetractionWatch: BMJ won’t retract controversial dietary guidelines article, says author

Fortunately The BMJ and its leadership refuse to be intimidated by those who would prefer to stop inconvenient questions and censor scientific debate.

Current dietary advice has completely failed to stop the epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes, and may very well have made them worse. We can’t solve the problem by forbidding people to talk about it.

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THis is just the beginning


Depressing on the one hand, encouraging when idiots are put on the back foot!


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