Microorganisms, higher plants, and animals produce a large number of different protein inhibitors of a-amylases in order to regulate the activity of these enzymes. These inhibitors can be grouped into six classes based on their tertiary structures: lectin-like, knottin-like, cereal-type, Kunitz-like, γ-purothionin-like and thaumatin-like inhibitors. Some of these inhibitors act by directly blocking the active centre of the enzyme at various local sites.

In animals, a-amylase inhibitors reduce the glucose peaks that can occur after a meal, slowing the speed with which a-amylase can convert starch to simple sugars until the body can deal with it. This is of particular importance in people with diabetes, where low insulin levels prevent extracellular glucose from being cleared quickly from the blood. Therefore, diabetics tend to have low a-amylase levels in order to keep glucose levels under control, except after taking insulin, which causes a rise in pancreatic a-amylase.

Plants also use a-amylase inhibitors as a defence strategy. These inhibitors impede the digestive action of a-amylases and proteinases in the insect gut, thereby acting as insect anti-feedants. As a result, a-amylase inhibitors have potential in various fields, including crop protection and the treatment of diabetes.


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  • Traditionally used plants in diabetes therapy - phytotherapeutics as inhibitors of a-amylase activity....

    Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder characterized by chronic hyperglycaemia. There are many and diverse therapeutic strategies in the management of Type 2 diabetes. The inhibition of a-amylase activity is only one possibility to lower postprandial blood glucose levels. In our in-vitro studies we could demonstrate that different plants, mostly traditionally used in common diabetic therapy in Africa or Europe, are able to inhibit a-amylase, which is responsible for the breakdown of oligosaccharides into monosaccharides which are absorbed. An inhibition of a-amylase activity of 90% was seen with the extract of the leaves of Tamarindus indica. To quantify inhibtion rates, acarbose was used (IC50: 23.2 µM). Highest inhibition level of acarbose in our testmodel was about 85%. Additionally tests with pure polyphenolic compounds might explain the biological activity of the selected plants.


  • Will these things permit us to eat 9 to 10 chapatis and rice a day with no more than 1 teaspoon of fat a day in diet? There are many acarbose (drug) like supplements sold (called carb blockers or something) but none worked as far as I know.

    There's some research by some Indian Australian doctor in Australia on certain extracts from herbs around the world -- Vijaysar included from India -- but that is in early stages. Also, the whole purpose of the study I guess is to get some patented synthetic drug on market which will only help to get A1C to ADA's so called "Good Control" range at best.

    What does drug voglibose do? Something similar?

  • great @anup

    Will these things permit us to eat 9 to 10 chapatis and rice a day with no more than 1 teaspoon of fat a day in diet?

    Your question is very valid....

    We will look for the answer......

    let other friends comment.....

    We will try to find out answer for your question....

  • cure @anup

    arey 9-10 chapati khana don't think in dreams even. Whatever medicines available to control sugar why should we eat sugar ? When we can control with diet only. Our basic defect is not going to change. Only medicines to be thought of are the ones which can improve bcf and lower ir.

  • but meanwhile अनुपजी वो ब्रह्मज्ञानी कहा खो गये... ??

    कही ब्रह्मलीन तो नही हुवे???

  • chhodo na yaar :)

  • hahaha jane do....pagal hai wo...

    Almost every one is annoyed with him.....

    This is Diabetes India... and I strongly feel...he got certain hidden motive....

    Chod do...forget him

  • waise u know....he is professional toilet builder.....somewhere on net I found more about him....

    So natural....usko urine ka smell jaldi ata hai...

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  • hahaha are khrach.....I was doing some search ki ha baba kon ahe....he wrote some where....he is toilet builder...

    कोडे उलगडले मग अलगद हा सारखा सारखा असे का म्हणतो....

    बिच्चारा .....

  • आठवुन आठवुन हसायला येतय.

  • अरे किती विदूषका सारखे बोलायचे???

    आपण काय... आपली लायकी काय.... आपण बोलतो किती...

    कशाचाच कश्याला संबंध नाही

  • अरे आता नवीन id घेतली आहे त्याने....

  • कोणती ?

  • लक्षात नाही ठेवली.... पण स्वातंत्र्य दिनालाच बनवली आहे... नावात थोडा फरक आहे..

  • Mast raho aur debate karo. :)

    Diet is helping you and that's most important.

    For me, Ayurveda is restricted to Ashvagandha and Triphala as capsules, after having experimented with 8 herbs in 6 months during initial days. I firmly believe we shouldn't even take them, unless absolutely necessary.

    Rest we have enough in Indian cooking style. We just have to up some and reduce some.

    Irritated aur annoyed toe humsay bhi hain bahut log yahan. But they are not on my priority list. ;)

  • :) :)

    Humko to "Godsay follower" ki bhi upadhi di hai kisi Indian nay hi yahan par. Haal hi may yeh tamka mujhey diya hai kisi Indian nay hi :)

    jingale congratulated me on getting that Award -- yes Godsay I consider better than pseudo liberals, sickularists and Marxists -- so it's an award for me. Sanghi jo tahra :)

  • i know.....you should be proud....

  • Yes sir. I am proud to be what I am. I am proud to say that I am not a psuedo-liberal or a sickularist and if that means I am a Godsay follower, I wear that as a badge of honor. Can't be an Ostritch , bury head deep in sand and then sing "All is Well" :)

  • cure ,Who is ब्रह्मज्ञानी?

  • ब्रह्मज्ञानी? mikepollard alwaysoptimistic

  • Oho!

  • lol...wo brahmalin ho gaya shayad....

  • Voglibose is a horrible drug? It induces vomiting after eating when taken half an hour before meal and it is totally intolerable...what are your experiences of this drug?

  • For me CARBS control is the best drug :)

  • I know this low carb or no carbs diet hype especially for diabetics is the talk of the town nowadays but somehow I feel carbs are the only form of macronutrients for instant energy...and with carbs, digestive system remains normal as opposite to high fat or high protein or high fibre diet....I believe atleast 50% of yr daily calorie intake should be from carbs and however even high protein sources likes beans and legumes along with dairy also have carbs in it apart from vegetables and fruits...so no human can survive basically without carbs....problem is with simple sugars which increase insulin level drastically with fall down later but complex carbohydrates are good....they release glucose slowly and have enough fibre in it...

  • We believe and live by 20% carbs rule and have been doing this since long. 50% carbs is a MYTH. Dr Richard Bernstein lives by 30 grams carbs per day as a TYPE 1 with diabetic history of seven decades and he still practices at 82 years of age.

    I know of huge number of Indian diabetics living on 20% carbs energy per day and many have even improved after 25 years of diabetic history.

  • It's good if it works for you but may not work for all. I believe more in low glycemic index and glycemic load foods if you know what is GI and GL. And by the way, it's a lot of hassle to count carbs for each meal limited to only 20%....a day...are you sure u can count accurately with complex structure of all food items and even the serving portions?

  • I am not alone. Works for 1000's that I know of. Beyond that, there are millions. GI/GL is all data for non diabetics and diabetics don't respond to carbs like non diabetics.

    Irrespective of what it is, at the end of the day CARBS will convert to sugar. That's the gist. Yes we count and watch the meter, test for fasting insulin, test for LIPIDS, inflammation markers so we are sure footed.

    And, yes, counting is easy. After all, it just needs to focus on no more than 30 to 40 items in worse case scenario. Pretty easy.

  • what is inflammation markers sop?

  • There are around 15 inflammation markers in number. sop was a typo so fixed.

  • ok....so what does these inflammation markers suggests? I can understand that inflammation is the basic cause of all diseases so how it can be reduced and eliminated and how to measure it?

  • Ashka9 ,Certain things such as carb control work for all diabetic on this planet irrespective of their age,gender,color etc.

  • I can understand that because when you reduce your carbs intake drastically, body tries to get energy from breaking down fats which is good...but people have to deal with carbohydrate cravings also...I personally like protein and fat but as far as satisfaction and digestive system is concerned, carbs is a major source of energy and without it, it would be difficult for even diabetics to survive though they have problem with their carbohydrate metabolism. No doubt protein and fat has a longer satiety period so you tend to eat less also but high protein diet may give rise to kidney problems and high fat to lipids/cholesterol problems in some people. So, I think it's moderation in everything that works generally even for diabetics...I don't think all people can stay on very low carbs (20%) for lifetime...

  • Well, unless you give it a try, saying that people cannot live lifelong on 20% is just an opinion. Many diabetics have been living on it for decades together.

    There can be no moderation for cocaine. So moderation in everything theory doesn't really work. Most who are on 20% carbs are after everything betrayed them, including the GI/Gl theory.

    Carbs a major source of energy? Body doesn't need more than 30 grams carbs. Rest it can run on ketones all fine day in and day out.

    All this Kidney problem on High fat is a LIE. @kkjng's case here proves it. SUGAR damages kidney more.

  • what about headaches and irritability it (low carbs diet) causes?

  • Ashka9 I don't know.....I never had such things....but this may happen.....and fats...may give you headache.... and yes...low carb diet may make u more aggressive....

  • Headache goes with the wind in a week. Take salted lemon water. As u store less glycogen you lose water and with it goes electrolytes. Not everyone faces it.

    Irritability is psychological / addiction to carbs (or anything) issue, just like it happens when one quits smoking. Live with it for few days and it starts dying out. Train the brain and life/body will love it :)

  • also on low carbs few ppl experienced constipation...also sleep disturbance...

    But as body adjust to same...they will vanish on its own...

  • Yes, it's all body's response to change. Train the brain and it overcomes it. Happens when one quits smoking too. Sugar and Tobacco have same impact when it comes to "feel good" factor :)

    Three weeks transition is all it takes.

  • Let me try and come back to you all favoring extremely low carb diet! Not easy though....:-)

  • hmmmm Ashka9

    I guess no need to do Hath Yoga like what anup is doing....

    Anup is certified hath Yogi.....but u can moderately reduce carbs.... also....purpose of this post is same....

  • Ashka9

    No please. Whatever you do do as per rules. Half hearted efforts can't get you result.

    First find out bcf and ir. And depending on them you can select your diet. But carbs never more than 100g/day. Less is better. If you are veg or vegan you can't avoid carbs because carbs are intrinsic constituent Of veg food .

  • Ashka9 ,You are even if grain free then also there is no risk of becoming carb deficient as other food items also contain carb to some extent but not in bulk.

  • I know that...but completely grain free diet is difficult....I don't know how to go about it...and then what to eat since I am completely vegetarian...

  • Dhokala.....surati khamani....best low carb diet... Ashka9

  • undhitu....just make it Ghee.....

  • r u talking of Undhiyu a gujju item made from all vegetables or is it something else since spelling is wrong I suppose...

  • wohi...undhiyu....

  • But that needs especially....vegetables which are available seasonally in winter...like Yam (Ratadu what we say in gujarati)..sweet potatoes and papdi daana taste better in winter only and also this Undhiyu is heavy to digest....so can eat only once a while...it contain potatoes also which is a big no for diabetics...can eat in small amounts though....

  • Ashka9

    No to yam and sweet potatoes too. Root veg can't be taken. Not beet root even.

  • Ashka9 you call it ratadu we call it rataloo ...and MP ppl call it Garadu.....


  • Kyu @Anup bhai 'Sarafa' chale kya 'Rabadi Jaledi aur garadu khane?? :P

  • Cure

    undhiyu can't be made in ghee. But sesame oil yes. Without sugar.

  • In Dhokla made at home, 2/3 is rice flour....it's fermented though...so is it not high carb? And yes besan is lowest on glycemic index and have negligible effect on blood sugar...so I would like to go for it more...all preparations containing chana and chana daal and it's flour besan is best for all diabetics. Even foreigners have identified it and trying it....

  • Ashka9 patra is also good option

  • I know...

  • to problem is solved... Ashka9

    Hmmm But wo Surat ka 'Ghari' nahi kahne ka....

    very addictive.... lol

  • I don't like sweets..I don't like Ghari and I have never eaten it in my life after tasting may be once and not liking it .I don't know how my beta cells have gone haywire...:-) I believe certain dosha in our body causes certain diseases which are created by certain planets in horoscope which demands a separate discussion altogether and if I initiate it...all people will laugh at me!

  • hmmm..well...is ur GURU/Jupitor powerful Ashka9

  • Yes....may be...I think so!

  • hmmm... Guru always help u to gain weight quickly.... and diabetes is by product...

    But hey at the same time it gives u liking for medicines....

  • diabetes is by product? what it means?

  • weight gain ka by product is diabetes.....


  • It may aggravate the situation in overweight and obese persons but I don't think diabetes is a biproduct of weight gain....weight gain may be the side effect of diabetes

    I have seen thin people having heart and cholesterol problems and also having diabetes...

    My father is thin and eats carbs mainly...so diabetes is about your beta cells not working properly....reason is unknown

  • very true... Ashka9

  • Ashka9 do u check your message box???

  • I haven't today.....let me see the messages....

  • Ashka9 @cure

    unko batao na " weak genes ". She looks quite anxious.🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒

  • "But hey at the same time it gives u liking for medicines...."

    My Guru is exhalted -- In fifth house of Scorpio Ascendant birth chart. Sits with Venus in the same house. But, I hate drugs :)

  • nah @anup look at yourself.... you are engineer....but taking lots of interest in Health.... and u got some insight about whole thing....this is because of your GURU.....

    (By liking I mean it shows your interest in medical field)

    Hmmm let me ask you...is ur birth time...early in the morning??? around sunrise??? two hrs age ya piche....

  • cure

    Can't recall exactly but it's between 8 and 8:30 PM.

    Calling from top of my head -

    Scorpio Langna,

    Mesh Rashi.

    Saturn Ketu - 3rd

    Jupiter Venus - 5th

    Sun Moon - 6th

    Mercury - 7th

    Mars Rahu - 9th

    Current Mahadasha - Guru.

    Diabetes D'x - Rahu Mahadasha

  • dev guru aur rakshas guru dono sath hai.... aur moon and sun dono bhi sath sath hai.....

    hmmm we will discuss this....

    But hey...I am just jack of all.....

    But mere byahi (father of my daughter in low ) knows lot.....he is from Ujjain....

    kabhi puchta hun unko.....

  • I read about astrology in the beginning of this century but gave up as changing hobbies is my pet hobby :)

  • kya pet hai abhi???

  • how would you remember ...Anup?? U did not know to see time at that time...perhaps :D dont tell me u r born Engineer :D

  • lol..at heart he is medical professional karch

  • To be honest, I wanted to be a surgeon. I never knew about IIT's, engineering etc till 1981, though dad and uncle were both engineers.

    So in XII (ISC) i was moving ahead with both Maths and Biology. During mid-term exam, I had prepared for 15 out of 20 topics in zoology. But, the exams had most of the questions from the remaining 5. I walked out midway from the exam and then decided that I would drop Bio (Botany + Zoology).

    But to be safe, I then took up Engineering Drawing as part of 6 subject (one optional) requirement.

    Late in 1981 is first time when I really got interested in Engineering per-force and bought the correspondence course of Agrawal Classes, Mumbai, for 450 bucks in 1981, shipped to boarding school where I was back then in Mussoorie



  • 1981??? whats ur age @anup

  • 53 years young :)

  • bahut jaldi pakad liya D tumko....


  • Diabetic at ~48

  • sad..... but koi bat nahi....u have taken it nicely....

  • Oh, for me "Diabetes is a Blessing in Disguise". Sab kachra khana -- so called healthy diet theory -- went out of the window :)

  • chalo.... its really nice....you enjoy life...ad spread LCHF message.....its good....but yar....no much members in that new community...some problem yar.....kisiko bhi mod banayega... kaise kam hoga??

  • How many know that new community is created? No visibility on google. This forum was advertised on facebook and that's how it grew.

    Search on google

    Indian diabetes forum

    Diabetes forum India

    lchf forum for indian diabetics

    lchf forum for diabetics

    Ikkay dukkay jo links HU kay dikhtay bhi hain woh new community kay nahin hain. Aur, aadhay say jyada posts that are on google about lchf on hu woh mere hain aur is forum kay hain. So wahan par log kaisay ayengay? dlife par to roj ek do naye member aatay hain. google listing ki wajah say 98% as it appears on google search for most popular search terms.

    mod ka nimantran to hamay bhi mila thha but mainay mana kar diya thha kyunki mere pass time nahin hai.

  • but idhar ke active members bhi udhar jane ke liye happy nahi honge due to him

  • woh kahin aur chale jayengay. yahan say kayee logon ko gali galauj karkay literally khadega gaya hai. naam nahin lena chahta kaun log hain woh.

  • @Anup

    can't we link this dlife posts to our email accounts. Kuchh karo na baba. E baba kuchh karo na 😆😆

  • cure

    Chalo achha hua anup doctor nhi bana or he also would be worshipping ada/ ama/ aha and would not be preaching lc**. to yaar hum logon ko lc** ki raah koun dikhata??!! 🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒

  • cure

    Jara soch k batao. Usne doctors ko kafi bura kaha hai. Life mein doctors ki shakl nhi dekhna chahta tha ..lol...

  • I read my old style kundali (UP style) long long back. I don't forget things easily.

    For my ICSE, I could write the entire Chemistry and History book word to word from Index page to last page, without even opening the book once :)

  • at that time everybodies memory is good :) ...retain the same memory as we age, is remarkable...

  • abhi uski umar hi kya hai karch ???

    Aur tune usko old kahe diya????

    abhi toh uske khane khilane ke din hai.....

    bhai @anup mind mat kar ye @karch kutch bhi bolta hai....


  • Life may begin at 40 but the fun really starts at 50 :)

  • LOL toh wohi bola....abhi toh khane khilane ke din hai....

  • true ...almost all responsibilities over after 50 and one can spare time for oneself ...almost like freebirds :)

    Once my client said "His daughter is grown up...then I said..."I am waiting for my daughter to grow this big up and become independent :) "...thats a bonus of growing older(not old) :)

  • kya yar karch

    abhi bat mat palta....

    tera matlab bhai ko old bolna hi tha....

    Bhai is every green.....Makhan Priya ko hum nandkishor kahete hai....Wo nand ka Kishor hota hai.....

    Bhai bhi makhan priya hai....

  • Yup, so true.

    My son completed his engg in comp science this year. He doesn't want to opt for job and now wants to do CFA (odd is it?). I have allowed him to be a free bird, as he is grown up and can make decisions for himself.

    My dad did the same to me after I was 18 and never interfered with whatever decisions I took for my future and I am just passing that legacy on to the next generation.

    I don't even mind if he comes home with his girl friend(s), which he does very often.

  • Bhai tum mind nahi karoge....bhabi toh mind karegi????

    are bahu ko samhalne ki jimmedari Bhabijee ki hai....

    Tum toh net pe duniya kho jawoge....

    LOL Just kidding....

    But it is said....

    राजवत्पञ्चवर्षाणि दशवर्षाणि दासवत् ।

    प्राप्ते तु षोडषे वर्षे पुत्रं मित्रवदाचरेत् ॥

    Treat the child like a prince till the age of five, like a servant till the age of fifteen. When the son reaches the age of sixteen, treat him like a friend.

  • When the son reaches the age of sixteen, treat him like a friend.

    My dad communicated this in another way to me. Since my shoes fit you, you are now my friend from today. Imagine, this was in last century.

    Bhai tum mind nahi karoge....bhabi toh mind karegi????

    She is still more broad minded than me. Yes, that's true. I doubt she will be the typical "saas" that one gets to see :)

  • Saas Bahu is like saanp aur mangoose....lol

    further it is said....

    लालयेत् पञ्च वर्षाणि दश वर्षाणि ताडयेत् / प्राप्ते तु षोडशे वर्षे पुत्रं मित्रवदाचरेत्

    Indulge a child for the first five years of his life, for the next ten years deal firmly with the child. Once the child is sixteen, treat him as a friend.

  • Yes, all psychological development of a child is over by fifth year, by and large.

  • Bhai....ek info.... bacche ko first baby food cereal diya jata hai.... but since there is no amylase activity in child's gut.... he can not digest carbs.....

  • hmm...I said ...we age ...and that includes me too ...obviously we are out of teenage and thats what I called as we age :)...its better to accept that we have aged :D ...

  • aise kaise...accept kar lu????

    About me yes....I am old.....but anup bhaiyya???? are facebook pe pic dekho.....kya old lagate hai???

  • Bhai mere, kyun taang kheench rahey ho. facebook par kaisay pahunch gaye -- I am not searchable on FB I think :)

  • Bhai tum to pahuchi huwi cheez ho magar hum bhi kacche guru ke chele thodi hai.... :d

  • mast kalandar hai hum.....jaha marzi pahuch jate hai......toh facebook kya cheez hai ;)

    Magar mera koi facebook id nahi :D

    Dhundana mat.... :P

    waise photo dekhna chaho toh wo fortunecity ka site pe hai...in red shirt... acchi nahi hai....magar chal jati hai buddhe ke liye :d


  • Humnay woh dekh li hai with the rare breed of dogs. Specially that desert hunter dog breed.

  • :D :D

    Toe phir Rann may miltay hain. I have posted about it on dlife just in case anyone else from LCHF gang is is willing to join at any location en-route. Dates not finalized yet, but probably will be November second half.

  • Icse ?

  • karch

    Lol....Bhaiya anup ne pahela kaam apne zule ka bolt tight kiya hoga 😀😀😀 a born engg 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

  • @Cure

    yes. Mine. 3.20 Am. So what ?

  • hmm...nahi birth time ka maine puch by looking at him pic..... as per astrology...each Lagna got different face cut....

    toh muze laga....isliye puch.. D se koi relation nahi.... suramo

  • cure

    Bhaiya sahi bola. Wo kya kahete hai " sahi pakade hai "

    @Anup jo ab tak doctors pe aag babula hota tha now he is going to practice medicine. What's he saying " life mein police, vakil and doctors se dur rahena achha " aisa hi kuchh. Now ???!! 🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊

  • Cure

    but without the sweetness of sugar or jaggery. Sugar free fine but unsweetened spicy and deep or shallow fried good.

  • Ashka

    there are many items. All legumes sprouts vegetables dry fruits peanuts. Once in a while you can take roti made of jav + chana daal + almond flour + flax seed or a small millet loaf. Sour hung curd if doesn't raise your bs. There is endless list.

  • I know I have tried Jav ki roti with besan flour...my weight increased then also....but I am sure weight would decrease on completely grain free diet...I have done that before many times but once we again start eating rotis and other grains as in routine....weight increases again...

  • Ye uparwale ke khel bhi ajeeb ajeeb hai.....

    karch doesn't like weight loss...there are many ppl they don't want weight loss...aur uparwala unka weight loss karata hai....

    Hum log chahte hai....toh weight gain karata hai....

    wah re kali kambali wale.....

  • cure

    Forget weight. You have to control your bs and D. More imp than weight.

  • Ashka madam

    grain free for ever. This is trial and error. We are trying to know which diet is suitable to our body. Once you get the right numbers you have to stick to that diet for ever. You are not cured but you have controlled your D with that particular diet.

  • Ashka9

    It's really very easy. Take coconut oil or eat coconut when you feel hungry. I have been grain free for about one and half months. I don't find any problem. I take flax seed / it's powder and isapgul for fibres. Also lots of salad and dry fruits.

  • cure

    Absolutely right. Prots and fats don't have fibres. But you have to take extra fibres like isapgul, flax seeds etc if you are on low carb diet.

  • bhai @anup yar Dr Richard Bernstein lives by 30 grams carbs per day as a TYPE 1 ....

    Hmm then why we should live by 20%???

    He is Type1....beta cells gone for good....

    we are Type2....we have atleast some beta cells function....why more harsh rules for us???

  • cure

    Now my bcf only 26%. I'm not very far from t1d although that is not going to happen but it would be better to learn with less carbs.

    My friend. Yesterday my lunch was bhindi, kadhi and fenugreek leaves millet roti. My 1 hr ppbs was 130. today rbs at 2.45 pm was 118. i took my lunch ?? at 10. So it seems that my body's regulatory system has set my bs at 130. let's see what next.

  • Suramo,

    what is bcf? and rbs?

  • suramo

    First of all you take out from your mind about that BCF thing..... look that Dr. Richard Bernstein

    he was T1.....since age of 12....still going strong...

    he is on 30% carbs....

    Now he is T1...almost 0% BCF....still some carbs??? (30%)

    Now even if we take your presumption....you got 27% BCF...are bhai tu kutch toh le sakatahi hai....

    U take out that BCF from dimag...

    Now....Yes I guess its body/brain which is deciding you BS level....Should we train brain??

  • @Cure

    kya yaar dantate ho 😝😝😝😝😝

    Dr richard must be taking insulin or there is no healthy way to clear glucose.

    I'm a veg and can't be without carbs. Legumes, peanuts and salad that i'm taking contain carbs. Also 10% of dietary fats and 56% of protein gets converted to glucose. So i'm not on on zero carbs but yes my dear friend bcf is there and i must stay away from carbs. Why anup became diabetic at 48 and why i at ~40 despite reasonable dietic control and good amount of physical activity. The answer is bcf. My bcf started deteriorating early and so i have bigger loss. Anup's genes are better than mine. So late D for him and less damage to beta cells. And that's the reason why he can control his D with diet and life style changes. And i'm still struggling.

    Dr bernstein has to take carbs and insulin to avoid DKA.

  • Good Morning suramo bhai....

    But looks a hectic day ahead.... since u accused God of Low carb theory for taking insulin :D :d

    hmmm but yes....he must be having some beta function left...so he can digest some carbs...

    and then question arise...

    #1 What is his threshold for carbs??? is it 30 Gms?? So does that means every one should calculate his/her threshold and learn to respect same????

    #2 And why he is consuming those useless 30 Gms of carbs???

  • cure

    Yaar aap humse bade ho. Aap muje bhai bolte ho to india k bhai ki yaad aa jati hai. Lol..

    1) yes. Every body has to find out his/ her threshold for carbs. That depends on bcf left.

    2) adi baba. Bola na to prevent DKA. Don't call carbs useless.

    T1d is an autoimmune disease in which beta cells are destroyed by our own immune system. This may be secondary to some viral infection whose antigenic structure is similar to beta cells.

  • But suramo if there is 0% BCF...how he will be able to metabolize those 30 Gms of carbs???

  • ha..... suramo aur ek rasta hai....Now if it is healthy or not I don't know.... Dr fung suggest that...a drug which flush out sugar thru urine....

    But yar why so many hassles?? why take those nasty 30 Gms of carbs???

  • cure

    Flushing out sugar in urine. To bade bhaiya hamara body wo hi to karta hai. Fine you are saying with drugs. Can a drug flush out exact amount of sugar so that hypo doesn't occur? Very dangerous and we are putting another suicidal weapon into the hands of people if that drug(s) can cause hypo.

  • Dear Suramo ,

    why don't you try insulinum 30 homeopathic preparation ? It is not harmful .I had given to one patient .Going by the theory likes cure likes , insulinum cures the problem . I understand your reverence for modern medicine . But still I am giving this suggestion . Do you know in homeopathic cure in diabetes even sugar cane is used .

  • Mai nahi.....Dr Fung suggest that medicine :(

  • Dr Bernstein and Carbs:

    When one does "Starvation fasting" after initial few days body starts losing about an ounce of protein (muscles) per day to get the minimal glucose that it needs. Now, this shows what the body really needs glucose and rest it can run on ketones. No?

    So, I think, 30 grams/day is also to prevent the muscle loss and be over the glucose need that otherwise comes from an ounce of body protein a day. We at 100 max are way over that minimal need. We are at 100 max as 30 is too difficult for most of us.

  • So means @anup bhai up to 100gms carbs will do????

    Or we have to find out what is carb threshold?? and adjust carb dose accordingly???/

  • 100 is perfectly fine to begin with.

    Then, you can tweak it down ... cutting off even 10 grams is fine as you settle down with the diet. So, if you stay at 90 also it's great.

    As for threshold, I believe we should live below the threshold always and keep tweaking. Idea is get A1C to 5.6 and lower, as close to 5.0 as possible.

    The major reason for me to cut off wheat, rice etc is that they were highest carb contributors. 1 chapati of 40 grams could mean 22g+ carbs whereas 250 grams veg preparation with lots of cheese, paneer etc added could be the same carbs but with a lot more than a simple chapati can offer :)

  • @anup

    Chalo toh fir Gurujee.....it seems I am on right path....

    I am having 3 chapattis per day of long wheat....so total 66 gms...rest lentils ......almonds pista...coconut....putting all together must be 25/30 more gms...

    looks below 100 for me.... :d

  • Walk 2km/day or cut one chapati and all should be good. Every additional chapati beyond 2, walk 2 km (thumb rule based on my own experiments ;) )

    Bhai mere, hum guru nahin hai. Sailing in the same boat :)

  • Bhaiyya @anup mazadhar mein naiyya hai hamari.... aur tu hai khewaiyya....

    So I have to call u Gurujee...

    Every one needs carbs...now he should find out his threshold and should respect that....

    and I am doing same....

  • about exercise.....hmmm @anup I think we need to learn more....(about walking)

    I guess by walking I am able to bring down my blood sugar to 90 or some times below...even after eating 150 Gms of sweets....

    But then next day I spike for no reason....

  • @Cure @anup

    isn't one roti = 35 Gm carbs ?

  • cure

    In medicine there are two routes. Step up and step down. I think for us step up is better. To start with low carbs and gradually increasing the amount.

  • cure

    Now my bcf only 26%. I'm not very far from t1d although that is not going to happen but it would be better to learn living with less carbs.

    My friend. Yesterday my lunch was bhindi, kadhi and fenugreek leaves millet roti. My 1 hr ppbs was 130. today rbs at 2.45 pm was 118. i took my lunch ?? at 10. So it seems that my body's regulatory system has set my bs at 130. let's see what next.

    So now consider this. From 1hr to 5 hrs pp that is in 4 hrs i can clear just 12 odd mg/ml glucose from my blood. What a slow 😢😢 clearance.

  • Hypothyroidism is one of the most commonly cited medical reasons for needing to eat a

    moderate carb diet. The main reason why carbs affect thyroid function so directly is because insulin is needed for the conversion of the inactive T4 hormone into the active T3 hormone, and insulin is generally quite low on very low carbohydrate diets.

    I am having hypothyroidism by the way and my current TSH level is high where I already had to increase my dose of T4. So, I think very low carb may not work for me.

  • Agree and that's one of the reasons why the keto range of LC diet we don't talk. 20% is good enough CARBS for thyroid and saying this from even practical experience of few diabetics on 20% carbs that I know of.

    Problem is that LC is normally identified as Keto in general parlance, where as what we follow is the stricter version of Swedish LC when it comes to LCHF, and that pegs carbs at 20%.


  • anup

    can u pl tell me what exactly the swedish LC is...and how it is stricter than other LCHF diets?

  • Bhai if T1 can take 30% then I am sure T2 can take same amount of may be bit more.....

  • It's not 30%, it's 30 grams which would work out to ~5% carbs. We are on 20% :)

  • oh ok..... and what if we eat fats more.....like 3000 cal diet....and out of which carbs about 100 Gms?? Will that work???

  • We don't bother about calories :)

    That said, answer to your question is YES, it's fine as it's around 13% carbs energy if C stays fixed at 100 even for 3K calories. Still not into the keto range. You start entering keto range at 10% or lower provided the ratios are right.

  • But @Anup bhai.... I am not talking about Keto.... I am just talking about controlling D

    Is that consuming 100 Gms carbs is advisable???

  • Well, I think I am now below that after having dropped grains by and large, but not in keto.

    Once you settle with 20% carbs energy, no harm in cutting down by a few percentage points if you can sustain.

  • No @anup bhai I am asking about controling D....

    I don't want to be on ketosis...

    just want to control sugar.... will that be useful??

  • YUP. Lower carbs = lower spike == better health as even Gopichand says that sugar causes inflammation.

    Give up WHEAT. Diabetes cannot be cured :)

  • hmmmmmmmm

  • I can understand you are great advocate of LCHF diet, but I have one ebook which I am reading right now....a book on "the low down on low carb diet" which you may want to read. Very important indeed for all who follow low carb diet. Those who wish to read it, kindly give me yr email id so that I can attach that pdf file and send it to you. I don't know how to attach it here.

  • Ashka9.

    You can paste link here may be.

  • Suramo,

    I can't paste link here because I have downloaded PDF file which I can send only as an attachment. Is there any feature here on this site to attach files in conversations we do? I do not know if there is one....

  • Check if this is the same:


  • anup

    yeah...it's the same book...have u read it? If yes, yr comments pl on the book...

  • Nope. I stopped reading books on LCHF once I started observing my medical reports, year after year, and now that we have a large and dedicated "INDIAN DIABETIC COMMUNITY ON LCHF" who share their reports they become the best reference point for me/us. Most of my time on reading goes to going through 100+ posts/day on that other lchf only forum and replying to some here.

    Even diabetics without Gallbladder are on high fat diet and enjoying life like never before :)

  • @anup

    ok...but sometimes u need to know other's view points also...it enlightens you to more knowledge because one size may not fit all....LCHF is no doubt good especially for diabetics but some other prevailing conditions may not allow one to follow it as strictly as you say....since there is a range of percentage of carbs as a part of total calories which can be followed as it suits an individual depending on their genetic constitution, habits, activity level, and other health conditions as well. Read that book if u have couple of hours spare time some time to understand what other expert who has clinical experience has to say.

  • Aren't view points inferior than looking at medical reports from diverse range of real world diabetics, specifically Indians, living a given diet?

    As for carbs versus genetic constitution, well we diabetics have zeroed in to the same end point where carbs act the same way in spiking blood glucose.

  • Ketoacidosis on low carb diet....read a case on below linked article...


  • I have read that article in the past, as it was quoted here few months back, and it never detailed the "extra ordinary" conditions under which a non diabetic can land into DKA.

    Is LC diet that we talk here == "no-carbohydrate" diet that the article talks of? Are any of us on LC preaching 20g carb diet? I don't think so.

    To hit DKA a diabetic has to be devoid of insulin. Before DKA he/she will hit SKY HIGH Sugars. If one is careless enough not to test sugars, we can't blame the diet based one "ONE" (n=1) woman study. Can we?

    That said, there have been cases of DKA in Type 2 on Invokana even with normal blood sugars, and surely the number is not "ONE" off case.


    This issue has recently been reported in Indian cases also. But, sad that drug is kept being pushed as some scientific wonder that pushes sugar out thru urine, despite more than n=1 cases reported globally. :(

  • I don't say you preach extremely low carb diet. I just mentioned the consequence of low carb or carb restricted diet for long term. May be working for you and others...not sure about me...will research more and try it with moderate carbs due to my thyroid issue...to start with

    I can understand what you say about DKA...and agree with you but dread of crashing my liver or kidney...if on low carb diet or grain free diet or remove wheat altogether for long because wheat gives me satisfaction....I can just use portion control in the beginning...and if I say more...I have seen relatives having diabetes since many years and they generally don't have any complications with medications and eat normal diet with some control as required for a diabetic...live more than 70 or 80 years....it's a requirement to have a good control of blood sugar level to avoid complications but not at the price of other organs and our choice of foods..lifestyle etc....though a lifestyle can be changed....may take a little more if required to go to high fat diet as you say....

  • Yar @anup bhai....ye ashka toh game changer nikali.... :P

  • No sir. These are just limited resources used to talk against LC many times. I have read them so many times :)

    n=1 study given so much importance when the study itself remained inconclusive about what caused it?

    As against n=1 Dr Unwin has done study on diabetes.co.uk LC diabetics. He was recently awarded NHS award for innovator.

  • @ anup these lines from said URL

    She had normal concentrations of plasma lactate and glycosylated hemoglobin. Screening for drugs, including ethyl alcohol and ethylene glycol, was negative. Abdominal ultrasonography showed hepatic steatosis.

    Ye kutch hazam nahi hoti......

    Sugar sky high...and normal Hba1c???


  • cure

    Miracle mere dost miracle.😜😜😜🙊🙊🙊🙊

  • For decades diabetics have been on LC/VLC.

    How about discussing Dr Bernstein on 30g carbs as a Type 1 (who are most prone to DKA) since last 40 years? He treats his patient on that diet and hasn't been sued in the last 4 decades, so far in a sue happy country like the US.

    Portion control has failed since long. That's typical ADA talk and most who switch to LC that we talk have tried everything else.

    About satisfaction on wheat -- that's entirely psychological. For many, smoking and alcohol also gives lot of satisfaction. Satisfaction cannot be "quantified".

    Eat to Live, rather than Live to eat.

  • hnnn...people say that...eliminate wheat ....grain free diet....gluten free diet....why on the earth, my family eating everything and nothing happened to them...diabetes does not run in my family....neither paternal or maternal....l am actually believing in "Simple living and High thinking" but would like to enjoy food also....relish the food....we are grown up eating with....adapting to complete change may not be possible or even required to get excellent control of blood sugar...I will prove that here time and again with lab reports....wait and watch!

  • If not possible, then stick with what suits you. We will meet after 5 years and then see whose numbers are better on how much drugs. I am already 5.5 years on ZERO drugs and non diabetic numbers :)

    I don't look for answers why my brother didn't get diabetes. I just look for what I can do as a diabetic so that my numbers are better on ZERO drugs than my brother's. Same applies to people who have adopted the said lifestyle.

    BTW, many smoke biri in rural India and yet many don't get cancer.

  • that's what I am trying to tell you dear Mr. Anup! that....that....if smoking biri doesn't cause cancer to all and if a person having no bad habits in life can have a cancer....not eating wheat is not the only answer to managing diabetics to have desired blood sugar numbers! Who knows what happens when, why, how etc...

    Are, I am very much here...not so long after 5 years....just for you to know my last HbA1c was 6.3 in end of July when blood test taken and would like to target 5.8 if possible in 6 months....let me see what can I do to achieve that and I will post my results here then...

  • I am talking CARBS and restriction of CARBS to 100 gms/day. All i know from 1000+ is diabetics eat CARBS and sugar spikes. In three or four months when you move away from eating the junk it may help. But life is more than 4 months long.

    Sugu dropped from 13+ to 5.x without drugs and only by carb control. He still stays at 5.x even after three years and zero drugs. Many have gone off drugs and brought down A1C even after 25 years of diabetic history and it's year after year maintaining great numbers with least use of drugs that's important.

    Look at this case of 77 year old diabetic with 27 years of diabetic history and through all sorts of complications, before he woke up to what I started talking way back in 2103:


    If a 10 year old type 1 can switch, for adults it should be cakewalk:


    Just quoting out of cases that I have personally interacted with. Now dealing with an Indian case in Au where their doctors aren't bothered even with persistent sugar levels of 250+ average and already into stage 1 CKD. Few weeks more and we will stabilize that case also, hopefully by teaching them insulin dosing and not to use BLIND INSULIN Dosing that most doctors tell :)

  • I will try to follow your 100 g carbs restricted diet but problem is I do not go in much detail about carb counting....and how to do that....will go mad otherwise....will see how can I control carbs as you say....yr experienced advise is always taken into account.....zero drug diabetes management after getting desired levels of HbA1c....and maintaining that....

  • Learn it. It's posted on the other forum. How to count carbs/protein and fat.

    It's not restricted diet if WE look at our medical reports year after year and only find great things to see. It's healthy, wealthy and wise diet :)

    We love A1C of 5.6 or lower.

  • Ok. thanks Anupji...very much for your efforts to convince me to follow this diet. Your hard work is really appreciated. Kindly post me the link to LCHF forum you are talking about so that I can initiate on how to count carbs...etc..

  • It's in your PM already. Check yr Inbox.

  • Thanks, Mr. Anup

  • Pleasure is all mine :)

  • What is strategy is in your mind Ashka9 ???

    But whatever....we wish you good luck....

    May be you will show one more new path....after all.....

    आकाशात् पतितं तोयं यथा गच्छति सागरम् ।

    सर्वदेवंनमस्कारः केशवं प्रतिगच्छति

    आकाश से गिरा हुआ जल, जिस किसी भी प्रकार सागर को हि जा मिलता है; वैसे हि किसी भी रुप की उपासना/नमस्कार, एक हि परमेश्वर को पहुँचती है ।

    After all our target is same....sugar control

  • I read somewhere even that 600 calorie diet completely reversed diabetes in some patients....not advisable though to take such a less calorie diet...but will try to control carbs with moderate approach and see what happens....

  • @anup cure

    Very interesting discussion among you and Ashka9. I was looking for her bcf and ir. Ashka seems to be anxious about going grain free and low carbs adversely affecting her health. But madam. We veg always get carbs in whatever we eat that is grain free. We get carbs in legumes, sprouts, hung curd, vegetables, dry fruits and peanuts. Madam. First know what is your bcf and ir. Count carbs or not but gradually you will learn to know approximately how much carbs you are taking.

    Sorry for the interference anup. But your comments please.

  • A quick scan through the paper and the moment I reached this sentence on page 655, I was confused to the extent that I did not read further :(

    "Although, oral hypoglycemic agents such as insulin are the main stay of treatment of diabetes and are effective in...."

    In 2010 Insulin as oral hypo agent? Not sure if it was in the same time period, but Pfizer had failed with oral insulin back then.

  • In continuation on "oral insulin", Indian company Biocon failed in 2011:


  • Anup

    Insulin is a protein hormone. It will be broken down / digested to amino acids in git.Also there is no system whereby long molecules can be absorbed by human intestines. Nasal spray can be successful but to a limited extent only because nasal mucosa is not meant for absorption.

  • but leave him at his fate....chod do

  • cure


    I have reduced Metformin to 250 bid from 500 bid

    Good control as of now

    But had also started vijaysar in form of the wooden tumbler I got long back

    Was lying in the cupboard unused

    Thought it's the right time to use with metformin reduced

    So currently with ACV, jamun powder, cinnamon pinch of it, vijaysar, metformin and many of the days methi sprouts

    My green juice is not regular and sometimes take the ready juices

    My morning routine now with coffee + coconut milk + coconut oil + Stevia drops

    But diet is now stricter with 2,grainless meals

  • hey Shashikantiyengar hmmm have u checked your fasting insulin and sugar before starting Vijaysar?? mif not get it done plz...it will be more helpful

  • Not done it

    Sugar levels.. Yes.. With meter. At 95-100 on an average around 98

    Also I take Black seed oil

  • get it done plz Shashikantiyengar it is said Vijaysar can regenerate beta cells....let us confirm the same....

  • Will do it

    But a bit tied up with a busy schedule

  • ok thanx

  • MF is safe. We are against all pancreas whipping drugs per se' and also those DPP4 and gliptins class, and our main attempt is to get rid of them.

    With 250mg BID, if you get to 5.6 or lower, that would be great.

  • Hey @anup

    No intention of continuing for longer time,

    Maybe for a couple of till the tumbler lasts

    Will be progressively stopping many as time progresses and me getting stricter with the diet

  • Yes Shashikantiyengar , max effort should be thru diet and all these things come as add on for any last mile advantage. You have over come the "Whole Grain Myth(s)" so all should be great after going off wheat rice etc. Rice once in a while is ok for a change, wheat I would say NEVER :)

    Mind adapts very quickly.

  • Yes. Precisely. I am taking support of these till I adapt myself and also give the family time to adapt to my style

    We live in a high carb world and it's difficult for the family to accept this concept.

    For eg:

    I used to have green juice. Now reduced or rarely gave it.

    Also I used to take tea with milk powder at 6am. Milk powder has sucrose added Inn it

    I now shifted to tea / coffee with coconut milk which does not increase the BS

    So small adaptation Ike this will take some time.

    So these herbals help me in providing me time to adapt

  • Shashi

    these herbals kept you away from sugar. So benefited you - in addition to their intrinsic anti D properties.

  • True

  • Anup

    i thought it was for rice " never ".

  • Yes, but two table spoon scoop of rice for a change is always better than 1 chapati per meal. WHEAT is NEVER ever for me and many like me :)

    As a matter of diet in general, grains free is best. But one can cheat in a meal once or twice a month, keeping the CARB count at the back of head always.

  • Metformin is safest of all drugs but it reduces absorption of Vit. B12 drastically from foods...you have to take vit b12 supplement atleast 300 mcg daily if u r taking metformin...and it has many other side effects too which is nausea and vomitting, reduced appetite...which is as such beneficial if you are overweight...but u can't enjoy food!:-)

  • Kya bat hai Ashka9 tum toh fighter nikali.... :)

    Good ....nice....

    Hmmm but guys.... what about Amylase????

    How it can help us.... and question @anup how can we eat more Rotis....without spike.... koi answer???

  • As Anup always says...for him...low carbs is the only drug for diabetes! There is no need for any other drug then....so no rotis....no spike...no drug...

  • yes Ashka9 but that low carbs will help u in PPBS...not in FBS....for FBS control u need to follow something else....

  • and what is this something else to be followed for FBS?

  • Ashka9 @anup

    some herbs will help u..... and there are some carbs...which got amylase inhibitors

    How about eating them???

  • Herbs I am already taking but I don't know about amylase inhibitors....which foods contains them....Pl give a list....

  • u mean wheat contains amylase inhibitors?

  • Ashka9 not meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...lol wo web site kaheta hai.....

    I am not medical professional....lol

  • so then according to your post and this website if combined, wheat should be an ideal grain for diabetics...which @anup won't be able to digest!:-)


    Not any wheat Ashka9

    Just emmer wheat..... all other wheat is extremely harmful

  • Cure

    so you want to say ki ye jo emmer wheat hai woh khud ke andar carbs and its inhibitor dono ko le k baitha hai?

    and what substance is amylase inhibitor ? Does it act in blood or intestines or both ?

  • 1 catorie rajma/white beans curry with 2 rotis khha kar dekho kya hota hai ... teen inhibitor hai usmay if I am not wrong sugar should not shoot up by theory. Practical karkay result batao :D :D

  • are yar @anup ye rajma ki kya roti bana sakate hai????

    Kya yar....admi ke dil ko bhi accha lagna chahiye ke nahi???

  • mera matlab 2 roti aur ek katorie rajma ki sabjee :)

  • good idea.... @anup I will try...

  • Cure

    dil mein chah hai to insaan himalay chadh sakta hai. Kya rajma ki roti nhi bana sakta 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Anup

    which teen inhibitor hai bhaiya batao na.

  • Cure

    Please wait for some time to see my results if diet alone controls my fbs or not. I have come to 130 range from 180 range by planning diet only with of course almost the same doses of meds.

  • gerat suramo You will be able to do that...And I wish you all the best....

    But this is Hath yoga.....not possible for every one....

    So take help of something...(herbs)

  • Cure

    i'm taking. But once i control my bs i will drop everything one by one. Perhaps my diet will be more stricter as dr bernstein is taking. Bcf getting poorer and poorer.

  • Yes, that's a known fact wrt B12 leaching and MF.

    So perfect scenario would be minimisng that too :)

    Heavier doses of MF do have a problem and need time to cope up.

    Weight reduction is added benefit of diet that I talk of :)

    Here's the latest random case that I know of personally:


  • @anup boss.... LCHF mein weight loss hota hai...but initially....after that Ruk jata hai :(

  • It will happen in all kind of extreme diets you follow because all these kind of "extreme" diets work only for short time till you reach your plateau. Moderation is the key in diet....not talking about cocaine or morphine or tobacco or alcohol please!:-)

  • hmmmm cocaine ka toh malum nahi.....but guess what??? there is very thin line between Vinegar and wine....

    And a diabetic is advised to take vinegar....

    I found best Vinegar is from Baba ramdev -Patnjalee- jambul Vinegar

  • I will see if I can try it from our Indian sources because I don't believe in taking any foreign made Apple Cider Vinegar...Is Baba ramdev jambul Vinegar helps in diabetes?

  • Yeah Ashka9 I am taking it for last 6 months....

    I liked taste.... i take about 20 ML diluted in about full glass of water...

  • OK..I will give it a try

  • cure

    10Ml with lemonade twice daily preferably with meals. In cold water. I'm adding cinnamon to it.

  • Ashka

    these are all speculations. Nobody knows if it really helps and how much. We have to try every mean with positive attitude. I'm not disheartening you but making you aware of facts. We are all trying. Nobody knows what will work on whom.

  • It maybe "extreme" for spectators but we love it as practitioners.

  • Bhai @anup ab ye kumbh mela hai.... koi hath yog karta hai....koi raj yog....

    Dono ki talash ek hi hai....


  • Meri talash mere meter reading par khatam :)

  • आकाशात् पतितं तोयं यथा गच्छति सागरम् ।

    सर्वदेवनमस्कारं केशवं प्रतिगच्छति ॥

    As the rain water falling from the sky go to the same ocean,

    the worship of every deity goes to one God.

  • Monotheistic religions don't believe in the last sentence. Watch few videos of Aayan Hirsi Ali, she is a brilliant speaker :)

  • Hmm @anup ...

    Apni bhi thodi mastery hai Koran and Hadith pe.... ;)

  • Humary mastery followers par hai :)

    But, seriously watch Aayan Hirsi Ali few videos when you have time. She had given a dose to our own Barkha Dutt once :)

  • Hmmm kabhi sitaram ki web site pe jao....uska interfaith dialogue padho....

    I don't know if he is alive....

    he use to be in Hinduism room on yahoo chat...

    He borned as Jewish parents....brought up in Greek orthodox church... and at last of his life... he became Hindu....

    He was master of all scriptures....

    My very good friend....

    pata nahi if he is still alive....he was in USA in his last days... a diabetic again... :(

  • what was his yahoo id?

  • om_namah_shivay was his id.... use to be in room around year 2000-2002....after that pata nahi....


  • I was active between 2004-2006. Don't remember having seen this id in those chat rooms.

  • Bhagwatgeeta_remix....

    or aande_ka_funda???

  • Nope. Probably he stopped frequenting those rooms after 2002.

  • me2 :(

    bahut cyber jihad ho gaya tha..... then i started visiting other rooms....

  • Internet and yahoo rooms played a very important role in shaping my ideology(and career too!). And some veterans of this forum have such disdain for internet! ;)

  • who @jingle ?

  • Interesting!

  • @jingle


    read this also....

  • @jingle his most of pages are in that index

  • Bhai mere, is taraf dhyan 75 ki umra kay baad :)

    Yahoo chat rooms -- Was regular in Paki rooms toward end of last century :)

  • what @anup ...samaza nahi

  • Aham brahmashmi!

  • Ashka9

    Sometimes we have to resort to extremes also. If you can't tolerate / digest you have to avoid it. If you are allergic to gluten you must stop taking wheat etc. We can't digest carbs so should take extremely low carb diet that too low gi low gl food. My diet at present is no grain, no roti. Carbs i'm getting from 1cup/ day ( turmeric) milk and veg, legumes and salads i'm taking. Yes. Daily i'm taking around 30 ml cow ghee and 40 ml coconad. So for me extremely low carb is must because i have greatly impaired bcf.

  • Toe aur roti khao.

    Start IF. Geodiabetic say inspiration lo. Woh bhi PUNE say hai and he has hit A1C of 5.0 :)

  • yeah...aisa simple simple idea bolo na bhai @anup....

    Tum sidha Hath yog bologe....adami dar jata hai... :)

  • Bhai meray, if you want A1C of 5.0 toe phir rasta mamoolie toe nahin hoga. Yeh Junoon hai to fight D head on :)

    I have hit A1C of 5.0 once in around last 5.5 years and I know kitnay papad belnay padtey hain. So, I live in the 5.2 to 5.6 range. I have hit 6.0 once and I panicked then :)

  • cure

    Bhaiya pahele IF kar k to dekho. No food for 18 hrs and 5*2.. soch lo. You have to do without cheating. Ya can take tea/ milk / coffee with mct /vco/ co. By the way @cure have you tried bullet coffee?

  • what is IF?

  • IF=intermittent fasting

  • Ashka9 matlab Jain ban jane ka.....

    Vaishnav se jain banne ka.....

    Suraj dhalne ke pahale khana khane ka....

    Suraj dub jane ke bad kuth nahi.... till next day...

  • my father is Jain....

  • wow....great..... follows religion??? ab tum ko bhi bolna padega Micchami dukhdam....

  • I follow Sanatan Hindu Dharma...don't believe in Jain Philosophy....nothing happens after sunset or 8 pm time when you can't eat carbs or should not eat etc.....basically it is a simple mathematics of how much calories you consume Vs how many calories you burn...by internal (choice of foods which increase metabolism) or external metabolism...(by physical activity).........though it's good to give body some time to digest before you sleep...

  • Ashka9

    aa toh baniya wali vat thayi na....ketla liya ane ketla diya.... LOl

    Gujarati game che pan sari rite avadto nathi.... lol

  • Intermittent Fasting -- cake walk for us. I haven't had breakfast in ages. Body keep running in fat burning mode so have black coffee with VCO :)

    Eat the regular meals in 8 to 10 hr window. May sound difficult but this 105 kg working lady (again I know her) has done it and many of us do it without any effort:


    Now, she skips breakfast and has lunch at office :)

  • Bhai @anup jain log life long karte hai.....

  • One of my Jain friend orders omelet on Mahavir Jayanti. Jamana badal raha hai. World is not the same as it used to be.

  • Wo shakahari ande ka omlet maga bhai @anup yar tum bhi kya.....

    Veg anda tha wo lol

  • This is the worst thing you are doing by skipping breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day since "it breaks night long fast" and increase metabolism which is good even for diabetics...I don't how you take medicines without taking breakfast ...medicines cannot be taken without food.

    what is VCO?

    Anyway, I believe in fasting....IF...and also do fasting as much as I can...generally don't feel like eating late evening....eat light in dinner...

    Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and I feel somehow you @anup are doing harm to your body by not eating breakfast...

  • You are trying to tell me about mainstream views on B/F which we bust daily for decades. We have disowned ADA theories on diabetes management long long back :)

    My body runs on ketones during that IF time all fine. Reports haven't shown anything going bad. Kidney, Liver, Thyroid, Electrolytes, lp(a), hsCRP, LIPIDS, homocysteine all stable over the years. ZERO drugs.

    "Break fast" happens when I break it and not when ADA tells me to break it :)

  • Yar @anup tum hath yogi ho.....

  • nahin sir ji.

    Dr Jason Fung is guru on IF. Lot of studies on animal and human models have shown it's impact on IGF-1. Two large meals a day for diabetes management has shown advantages in study :)

    eating 8 times a day is national loss :)


  • Bhai @anup yte fung wang bhang ko nahi jante.... hamare toh tum hi guru ho....

  • Itna mat chado mere bhai.

    Phir galiyan padaay lag jayengi :)

    I am just sharing what I learned while trying to be off from PILLS for Diabetes management. 5.5 yrs gone, 4.5 yrs more to go for first milestone of a decade on ZERO drugs. Fingers crossed :)

    Chunki ab saathhee bahut ho gaye hain isliye asaan ho gaya hai.

  • ho jayega....

    But yar...I want cure.... not control ...koi rasta hai toh batao....

    Wo brhma gyani bola tha liver ka fat jayega toh cure milega....

    Wo toh brmhalin huwa....

    ab kya kare???? O)

  • No rasta.

    Cure chahiye to galat aadmi say sampark kar rahey ho.

    I never wave flag of CURE :)

    First stage insulin response is conked off.

    So forget about cure. Manage karo with A1C of < 5.6, preferably as low as you can go toward 5 and enjoy healthy life by putting your D in remission.

    Jitna band aid solution try karogey utni mushkil badhegi.

  • are yar band aid toh life ko lag gaya hai.... ab aur kya lage ga...

    But think hai....chalo wohi karte hai jo Gujrujine bola

  • yes Jamun Vinegar by Patanjalee is cheap ...just 65/70 Rs for 500 ML

  • @Anup cure

    Mayush mat ho mere bhai. There is one genuine scientific hope - stem cell therapy. Yes. It's helped in some alzheimer's cases and in some MI cases. Cells have been regenerated. Still under experimental stage for D. Can't say if regenerating beta cells would improve IR also or not. But there is a hope. If not us the next generations would benefit.

  • I consider my diabetes as a "Blessing in Disguise" as it helped me to DUMP USDA/ADA High Carb Low Fat "against all science but pro industry" diet. It's better to run a car with light foot (closed tap theory is it??) than to floor the pedal. Better life of mechanical, better fuel efficiency. This is just an "observable and backed by science" analogy and not sarcasm. We run our life with a light foot on our diet.

    High Carb is like flooring the pedal -- strain the engine, strain the entire mechanicals of the car, low fuel efficiency, more visits to the garage, bad control of the vehicle etc etc. Eating High Carbs and then covering by whipping the pancreas through drugs fro more insulin is like flooring the pedal while driving car :)

  • Ashka

    medicines are better absorbed if taken empty stomach. Food not only interferes with its absorption but also certain substances in food may deactivate the medicine but if a medicine is not tolerated on empty stomach it can be taken with compatible food.

  • Toe ?

  • what toe suramo ????

  • @Cure

    i weighed 73.7 on 14/7 today i weigh 71.8. 2 kg drop in one month only with lc and good fat. That to without any exercise. And frankly i don't realize that i'm losing weight.😊

  • what is ACV you mentioned above?

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Low carb sure makes person more aggressive....

    Tamasik Ahar????

  • Am I aggressive? I get abused and provoked and still maintain cool. Ketones for brain make you cool. :)

  • chalo bhai @anup koun abuse kiya???? abi usko ulta latkate hai.....

    batao uska nam....

  • Godsay follower was the latest compliment. I normally don't name offenders here :)

  • cure

    Do you think i'm aggressive ? Taking low carb. Actually my dear friend aggression / anger is a sign of frustration. When there is discrepancy between what we want and what we get, we get frustated that is shown in our anger.

  • Ashka9 @anup read this para from the post....

    In animals, a-amylase inhibitors reduce the glucose peaks that can occur after a meal, slowing the speed with which a-amylase can convert starch to simple sugars until the body can deal with it. This is of particular importance in people with diabetes, where low insulin levels prevent extracellular glucose from being cleared quickly from the blood.

  • Sir ji,

    There are too many inhibitors in market in form of synthetic patented drugs :)

    This is of particular importance in people with diabetes, where low insulin levels prevent extracellular glucose from being cleared quickly from the blood.

    Type 2 doesn't start with "low insulin levels". It starts with "High Insulin Levels" and stays that way for decades. So the basic premise is wrong :)

  • hmmmm anupjii bhai low carbs really makes person aggressive??? lol

  • Posted my reply above :)

  • cure

    But in blood carbs are present as glucose. The carbs start getting digested right in our mouth - saliva having amylase. Further degradation / digestion occurs in stomach and intestines. The only form that can cross intestinal mucosa is glucose. There is no system in human intestines to absorb complex molecules.

    So now only place for so called amylase inhibitors to act is git. Now what is their composition and can they withstand the wrath of high gi acids and enzymes? Certain speculations look very attractive but practically they fail.

  • ok Ashka9 @anup I guess I copy pasted two extra lines I guess....

    now how about consuming only those carbs which has amylase inhibitor property???

  • kaisa lagata hai idea @anup Ashka9 ???

  • How about 'Patra'??? Ashka9

  • ok Ashka9 @anup I guess I copy pasted two extra lines I guess....

    now how about consuming only those carbs which has amylase inhibitor property???

  • hmmm Ashka9 you may google about emmer wheat and a-amylase inhibitors .....

    emmer wheat is nothing but long wheat/daudkhani wheat of Gujarat

  • suramo

    so you want to say ki ye jo emmer wheat hai woh khud ke andar carbs and its inhibitor dono ko le k baitha hai?

    Bhai....I am just submitting information gathered...now you tell me....I am not medical professional...you are better judge... is it possible that emmer wheat digest differently than normal wheat???

    Members may google more.....I am just trying to find out logic behind ShooterGeorge experiments.....

  • cure

    I think this emmer wheat has high fibre content which makes it resistant to the action of digestive enzymes and acids. So very low gi food but while using it as your food you have to count GL also. Personally i don't agree to the theory nor am i recommending its use at present.

  • hmmm high fiber....amylose and amylopectin??? suramo

  • @Cure

    i think dietary fibres are cellulose.

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