Sugar substitute

If any of my freinds are taking sugar substitutes like equal, sugar-free etc, read this article. It is about how this drug was approved under deceit. It reads like a crime thriller, but and not fiction. AFTER READING THIS, I AM SURE YOU WILL NEVER TOUCH ASPARTAME AND FOOD ITEMS CONTAINING THIS DRUG. diabetesindia.healthunlocke...

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  • Donald Rumsfeld, one of the architects of Iraq war, got this pushed thru FDA using political clout, while he was at G D Searl.

  • You are absolutely right.Honey and jaggory are safer than these things since they are not refined.

  • Better avoid honey and jaggery too. Fructose is a monosaccaride and as bad as or even worse than carbohydrate. Use stavia instead.

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