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I was feeling in sugar but i did not know

I have some different story i have had diabetic for many year but i did not know about this dangerous diseases but i felt sick before one year approx when i have checked my Sugar level than my sugar level random was 283 mgl and i really confused how is this so i was not thanking about this diseases then i started medicine and i checked with liaquat National Hospital at Karachi and prescribed tablets and now i take the following medicine

Tablet : Innosita 50/500

Tab avioporide 2Mg

Capsule : Risk 20 Mg

Capsule : Hapibar

but my Sugar level was control and i was very satisfied than i started medicine another type there was man who told me i do treatment of sugar with Grantee but i started his medicine and i was felling good little bite but he was not good than above medicine what should i do about this matter i use that medicine or other

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Try Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen (LWMDR). It has not only controllrd but also cured my Diabetes.


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