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Blood Sugar Levels Increase After Exercise: It Is Strange

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Every time after exercise about one and half hour in gym, my sugar level increases. What should I do? My sugar level is 150 fasting and 185 after exercising. I have stopped taking any medicine for sugar.

Can anybody suggest the reason?

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It is neither strange nor surprising that blood sugar rises after strenuous work out. At such work outs require enhanced energy, hence sugar is pumped into circulation leading to rise in blood sugar in circulation . Reverse is true if you go for non stenous exercises like walking. Physical activity is essential part of not only blood sugar management but for a healthy life style.

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Exclusively your personal opinion .

My sugar level drops considerably after brisk walking for 100-120 minuts say up to 25mg/dl.

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Hope you are not exercising on empty stomach. In such cases liver will produce glucose and this could be the reason for higher reading. Better not to keep stomach empty before exercising.

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Aman3112 in reply to murlikn


I had same problem. My blood sugar was 124 at 5 am .. 155 at 7 am and 144 at 8 am .. and it keeps on changing empty stomach while i was sleeping.. and morning 9.00 am i went to gym did good work out for an hour.. was feeling un easy as i was empty stomach.. i thought my sugar level might hv dropped. But it was strange when i checked it was 240 .. and my heart rate 122 .. bp was 100 75

Can anyone suggest what is happening

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a agree with you meetu77.

Indiacratus JI Thanks for your nice assesment

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@Meetu77 Here are more studies.

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Here when we know each other only by screen name one should not judge others whether they are qualified or not. The purpose of the forum is not for assessing each other.

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yes Any diet is o k if we give their FBS and after what we eat items and after 2 hours their PPBS maybe share then theirfood is avilable and we may share their food. Other wise only given link from google is not answer. If I may start one webdsite and given my food and some of my friends and members will give this link in this type of blogs or groups So this is not actual if u share and comment then it is ok. Thanks

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Supporting someone's opinion and criticising someone on personal level are two different issues. So there is no question of asking me "are you not ashamed". If you don't like the opinion then respond to that only there should not be anything personal. Citicism on ADA and criticism on personal level are two different things.

Member here are educated. They are in better position than you if someone is posting something wrong .

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When guidelines from organisation like ADA fail to control any decease then there is no question of any proof. If there guideline are perfect then diabetes in USA should be in control which is not.

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If u drink water or any protein shake during workout than your sugar level will increase thing is that do not drink any thing during workout because people have tendency to take small sip of water during workout .....If the case is so then avoid it and then check because samething was happening with me also I don't drink water or anything during workout ...drink it before workout have a gap of 10 minutes than start it will keep u hydrated also and sugar will not rise ...goodluck

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