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Hello folks,

I am as guilty as the next man when my prejudices are challenged and react by bridling. My views are trenchant and well known here. 

I am changing my stance. 

No longer am I going to treat people who disagree with my views with ill disguised contempt. They  are human beings with aspirations the same as myself - love of life, love of family and a healthy respect for themselves. Yes, they may hold diametrically opposing views to myself, but that does not mean I am right.

For the future I will will be more gentle in my stance, for I may be wrong in all I espouse.

If we get together and pool knowledge to get to a consensus that challenges the current paradigm, then we can consign type 2 diabetes to the dustbin of history.

None of us are as smart as all of us. 


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20 Replies

  • Well said Mike. 

  • Mikejee....wish you could visit 'KUMBH MELA'

    There you will find many 'BABA'..some standing on one feet...some one eating only fruits...some sitting between fire and doing meditation....Different views....different paths....

    All have just one goal....what?? reach to God?? no....find Mukti..salvation....cure from this Maya...illusion...

    Same like this forum...this is kumbh mela....many ppl here around with different views....

    I find each one has his point....most of them are well read....and have just one GOAL.....Mukti from Diabetes....

    You rightly said.....

    If we get together and pool knowledge to get to a consensus that challenges the current paradigm, then we can consign type 2 diabetes to the dustbin of history.

  • "If we get together and pool knowledge to get to a consensus "


    In fact, brace yourself up for being insulted some day since you talk LCHF a lot. suramo had the first taste of a milder version today.

  • me I am from the clan of most ferocious warriors ever walked on this earth....

  • I am a Rajput :)

    Someone took a jibe on that also.

  • दैवयातम तु कुले जन्मः .......

  • Mala Marathi Yet Nahin.

  • Sanskrit hai, marathi nahi ... :)

    Waise, with ~40% marathi population in Indore, one would expect Indoris to know at least rudimentary marathi,,, :)

  • Bhau ... there's a saying -- 

    One can't learn playing violin after a given age. I tried googleing and came across this for first word --

    So thought must be marathi. Sanskrit, never studied after Std VIII (1977)

  • Wow...Indoriya....

    वैसे वो जैन कि लहसून सेव डायबेटीस में चल सक्ती है   ना ???

    क्या करे यार… ये वो सराफा कि यादे …. वो बुट्टे कि कचोरि…. वो मालपुवा …. वो गुलाबजामून …सब के सब दुश्मन हो गये….

  • The day I enjoy shikanjee i skip one meal or eat only non veg.

  • Can you tolerate Indori shikanji(not nimbu wali) without spiking your BS? I was wondering if shikanji can be customized to LCHF...

  • Yes I skip everything else. to enjoy a small glass of that and then do dumb bells, pushups few rounds and it works out fine -- by and large.

    One can try making at home with sugar replaced with stevia or xylitol.

  • hehehe....this is sanskrit...actually out of context quote from Mahabharata.... full quote is..... 'karna said....daivyatam tu kule janmah....madyatam tu pourusham....

    means it was my fate to take birth in some clan....but my prowess is defined by me'

    I just quoted first half... It was fate that they did not take birth as Rajput.....Or May I say you need lots of luck to take birth as Rajput.


  • Cure  now you are followed  LW / LWMDR diet  or  LCHF ?

  • mixed..... sab ki suno..... sab ki bat kam mein lao.

  • Well barring few, no one treated others with contempt here. Those who treated others with contempt always got down to insulting and abusing at personal level, pass judgment on fellow bloggers here, do remote psycho analysis etc and not sparing even ladies. And, this applied only to those who were talking LCHF diet. 

    Hope this post from you changes that. 

    Just hoping against hope.

  • This    is    really   an    appreciable    change in   you   .But  why    this    change   all  of   a    sudden . Like   you   have   pointed`  out  all  of   us`   are  here`    for    a  worthy   cause   of    fighting    the  menace    called`   diabetes    and  we`   should   work   to  gether   in  a   congenial   and     helpful`   attitude   but`   not`  in   contemptuous  manner .

  • Mike,

    Many guys failed to see the "subtle" message that you are trying to convey through this post :)

    So, few things aren't going to change and I can bet my last penny on this view of mine.

  • Really Great!

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