I am 67 years old and diabetic since 34. I am taking glider 2 my 1-×-1, ol min 40 ch 1-×-×, dilzem 120 mg 1-×-×, radium 20 my 1-×-×, nervous od 1-×-×, ecosprin 75 ×-1-×, rose as 40 mg ×-×-1,urinal 40 mg ×-×-1, inj- novomix 30- 18 units before breakfast, 16 units before dinner,  inj- novorapid 10 units before lunch. 

Nowadays I am  experiencing itching below knee of both legs. Please advise the follow up to get rid of it.

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  • have you tried lchf ? please go through the mails and may be controlling your carbo may be the answer  to you. good luck 

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