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TSH 25

RespectedMr.George sir

Good Morning. You may be remembering me. I had some clarification from you 2-3 months back for weight loss. As you may be aware, as per your advise I am taking Long wheat diet morning and night. I have reduced some medicines. Just now I did  full health check up. My FS WAS 162 AND Taking 2 IDLIS AND ONE WADA IN THE LAB IT WAS 223 IN THE PP. Even though cholesterol has come down my thiroid TSH is showing 25 and chest xray shows mild cardiomegaly. Why. Is this because of long wheat? Gluten food! Shall I continue. Pl advise me sir. Wait eagerly for your reply


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This is nothing to do with long wheat. You are suffering from hypothyroidism. All your symptoms are to due to this disease.

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