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when i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 2 months back my biochemistry was:

1) fasting blood sugar.......222mg/dl

2)total cholesterol............311mg/dl (high as per biological refrences)

3)triglycerides......163mg/dl (borderline high-do)

4)HDL ....................27mg/dl (low-do)

LDL.........................212mg/dl (very high )

VLDL......................72mg/dl (range 15-30)

i have a question 2 months back my heart beat become fast ......systolic that time measure 160 approx i dont remember exactly, i go to doctor and he recommend me to do all such test , then i came to know i had type 2 diabetes, so i have a question what causes my heart beat fast, ........is that blood sugar......is that cholesterol level ........or is that stress, i take stress to much , frankly speaking my girlfriend leave me and betrayed on me 3 yrs back , this is d reason of stress, when i asked the same question to doctor he told me stress, my heart beat was fast as fast as after some cardio exercise (and vo lagatar thi fast), is there any guy who experienced the same thing , ......

my height is 6 feet inch

no parental diabetes history

weight 92 kg



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4 Replies

  • Anup will fill you in here no doubt. He puts up a lot of good information.

  • Dear Anuj, I also faced same problems in past, I am on medication for type II diabetes, high cholestrol and hypertension and are under control. Your weight seems to be more. My experience is that with slight reduction in weight sugar and cholesterol level comes down automatically. Anulom Vilom and Nadi sudhi kirya is very helpful in bringing down BP within 10 to 15 minutes. For stress you can join Art of living class. I am sure your stress will be eliminated withing 2 weeks. All the best. God bless

  • Hi Anuj,

    Please check the sugar at the time of increased heartbeat episode. Hypoglycemic or hyperglycemia may cause these kind of episodes. I do experienced.

    Other possible reasons for sudden tachycardia are,

    1. SVT

    2. Hyper thyroid

    3. Some other Hormonal involvement like cortisol

    As you are recently diagnosed , the possible reasons mostly due to blood sugar level.

    Do necessary test to rule out the cause.

    I wish you a speedy recovery

  • Type 2 Diabetes = High Insulin in blood = Hypertesnion as insulin is vaso-constrictor. Simple relation.

    Get TG below 100 and TG/HDL < 2.5, lower the better.

    Not possible on HIGH CARB LOW FAT Nonsensical diet. When I was detected diabetic almost five years back, I was on the verge of being pout on Hypertension drugs also.

    I refused to take PILLS for correcting body functions. Switched to LCHF diet. In a month, I will be completing five years as a diabetic on ZERO Drugs. I follow LCHF diet. Check my profile for further details:


    On LCHF diet, I am not the only Indian Diabetic to have taken Diabetes and its complications HEAD ON. 500+Indians have done it already :)

    BTW, FAT n LCHF diet doesn't cause CVD/CHD/LIPIDS problem. It's all a LIE spread since the FUDGED study of Ancel Keys. Even he did not believe that dietary cholesterol caused any problems but scientific PRESSTITUTES spun a lie and kept repeating it till it was accepted as FACT -- Adolf Hitler was [perhaps their source of inspiration on how to spread a lie successfully :)

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