Dear all,

Result of BL after starting LWMDR from 8th July2015,BS Levels are as

26/06/2015 Fasting:177mg/dl,p.p 279mg/dl

4/7/2015 Fasting:135mg/dl,pp260mg/dl

27/07/2015 Fasting:120mg/dl,P.P225mg/dl

On Ayurveda Medicine and diet Breakfast and Dinner with LWMDR with lemon Juice sprinkled on LW and coriander for test,Lunch 3 chapati,vegetables and curry,no rice no tea/coffee


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4 Replies

  • Very good response.Keep going.You will get even better results.

  • Thanks Ramana42

  • Keep going you will gate better result

  • Dear Shamji

    Woul dyou be kind enough to write me as how to take this Long Wheat --- in form of Chapati or as soaked grain or in other form ? What is the quantity and frequency of a day . Bofore or after meals ?

    please write me on my separate mail [ m.ka54@live.com]. I am 62 years old and suffering from diabetes siNce 18 years , living in Delhi.



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