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Bhindi is useful for Diebities

Bhindi is useful for Diebities

Diabetes treatment by oka(ladyfinger) Bhindi

ajaywadhwaajaywadhwa 14 hours ago 3 Replies

Someone ask me to take oka water to cure diabetes. I searched on Google.

The result shown were positive. So I started taking the same early morning

for last one week. I m also taking regular medicine too. Nothing harm as

bhindi being vegetable we are consuming the same oftenly. You have to do

take one glass of water in glass made of glass(non metallic) Take two piece

of bhindi cut the same from top and below. Now cut the balance length wise

in two piece and put the same in water for whole night. In morning take out

the pieces and throw, drink the water of glass empty stomach. Try to avoid

anything except water for 30-40 minutes.

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All greens are useful for control of diabetes.


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