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Longwheat availabIty

This is for Anil Guptajee,

Please contact Mr.Vithal Gangaram in Pune. I have tried with Dr.Kauthale, he has exhausted his stock long back. It was lifted by some Patil who has a shop in a market place in Pune ,who quoted me exorbitant price seeing the opportunity available for making profit himself.

So don't go after these money minded people.

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What rate is he asking for?


I know Vithal Gangaram Mankar. I located and advised about him in the forum long ago. I wanted to encourage BAIF as they are doing a path breaking job for the diabetics. Who knows this could turn out to be a cash cow for Indian Agriculture. Talking to one of the very senior BAIF scientist I learnt that when there was unseasonal rain and hailstorm in Bihar, all the wheat was destroyed except this one. It remained intact and flourished. I wish this aspect is circulated so those in power can advise farmers and give a high MSP to this wheat and supply to exporters.

I use only Khapli gehun for my food. The Paratha from this tastes Heavenly. Also Phulka with Desi Ghee. After eating this it will be tough to eat normal roti.


Hi Anilguptaji,

Yours is a noble thinking & great step. I also felt that soon the world diabetic population will look with hope & respect to our great nation India & by next year there may be global demand for LW. Some genuine agency should make arrangements for direct sale of LW from farmers to users so that both the groups can be benefited.

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Mr. George I come from a Business community. The traders are spread globally and have nose for opportunity. I spread the info, leaving the rest to the guys. Jeeva brand is producing Diabetes flour and BigBasket.com is doing home delivery. Cost 100 per kg. Mainly Khapli gehun. Some beaurucrat or the other will pass on the info to Modi. God has kindly blessed most beaurucrats with sweet lifestyle and the fringe benefits. They keep googling and keep contacting.

BAIF trial is born out of this activity.


Sir, what kind of soil it require? I have been advising for Stevie growth among farmers as known patient.


The real problem is cheating by vendors. They just sell Atta at high price. Jeeva is trusted brand. Purity is paramount.


George Bhai, jeeva is a trusted brand and so is Big basket. The kind of noise that we have made jointly is resulting in more and more net Savy guys with land switching over to KHAPLI gehun. The agriculture deptts are supplying seeds and know how. This activism will turn into a revolution resulting in mass production and global exports.

BTW Jeeeva have Ayurveda Centres overseas and expanding. Their vaids are prescribing this flour to diabetics. It will not take long for likes of Bill Clinton to switch over as this is ideal for him. Due to my accident I am not able to exercise or walk much. I am still fine.

I am doing some study to make the KHAPLI gehun roti even more effective than dalia with very fine taste.

Right now I am in trouble as my help demands her Roti from LW and not regular Atta as she says the taste is so nice. Wonder how she discovered.



Very glad to hear the good news that even with no exercise (due to accident) you are able to keep fine with LWMDR :-) . Please report the progress of Blood Sugar values. Nice to know that your wife also likes LW roti :-) .

Wish you all the best in the study to make the KHAPLI gehun roti even more effective than dalia with very fine taste.


Anil ji, Can you let me know latest on Khapli roti. Are you able to keep Blood sugar in control in same was as LWMR Khichda. What is your latest fasting and PP Blood sugar?


Dear Shooter George, I used to get BS upto 460 when i joined. Every oral medicine, you name the generic, I was taking max dose. My Fracture was due to osteoporosis as accident was not severe.

Now I am off most medication and BS between 120 to 200 depending upon what I ate and when.

You prescribe only three meals a day and my surgeon /physician insist 5 to 6meals per day ie something every 2-3 hours.

Most Diabetics end up with weak bones which makes life even worse. So I am working on fixing the Two problems, with BP under control and yet having quality life with all its goodness for glory of God. A happy person thanks the Lord in higher spirit.

I am also doing trials with coarse grinding of sehore wheat, which is rain fed and higher protein and very sweet. Its commercial name is Sharbati which means Syrup like in hindi.

I understand the percentage of Diabetics is double in USA AND CANADA. The work we put in should provide enough material for someone to start DIABETES TOURISM.

Any takers?


can I get 5 kgs of long wheat sir.?


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