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Beware of heat wave !Diabetics, do you know dangers of heat wave ? Are you taking enough precautions ?

Practically a majority of Indian states are in a grip of fierce heat wave,which has resulted a a very serious loss life in many parts of the country. The diabetics are all the more prone to suffer from prevailing high temperatures.

The people with diabetes must educate themselves about dangers of heat, not just efficacy of their medication and other diabetic supplies but also for their own health and safety. In patients of diabetes, skin blood flow response is altered and metabolic alterations associated with disease can further reduce heat tolerance.

The high blood sugar levels already predisposes to dehydration,the risk increases in heat. So, all diabetics take special precaution to avoid DEHYDRATION. Simple thing is to drink enough fluids to compensate for urine and sweating . Watch your pee ,it should be clear and not dark. If dark it means you need fluid..

If you are going out, you may suffer from HEAT EXHAUSTION ,watch for the symptoms , Dizziness, Fainting or near fainting, Excessive Sweating, Muscle Cramps, Cold and Clamy Skin, Headache , Rapid Heart Beat. Always keep fluid and snack with you and your medicines.

Please take care of your diabetes supplies,insulin,which can be easily damaged by high temp. Same is true for glucometer and testing strips .

Lastly a word of warning for persons suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The thermoregulatory responses to heat stress are impaired In individuals with CVD and this can lead to coronary and cerebral thrombosis.

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