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I am a diabetic patient now my penis not working properly what will do

Give good med

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What do you mean by not working properly? What is your blood sugar level?


Yes. 99 % it is ED.


This is because:

(1) Your sugar levels must have been running high.

(2) The high sugar levels must have been because you were leading a life on a diet which is most unhealthy for diabetics - HIGH CARB LOW FAT

(3) The high sugar mist also have been due to you being Insulin resistant because of (2) above.

All this leading to Diabetic Neuropathy.



(1) Get down FBS < 100 and PPBS < 120 & A1C < 5.6

This is next to impossible on ADA's HIGH CARB LOW FAT Diet even with high dose drugs. So Switch to LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET.

(2) Start taking Alpha Lipoic Acid starting with 600 mg per day. This will reduce neuropathic effects but not undo the damage already done.

(3) Drugs like Viagra can only help upto a certain extent. If above is not taken care of even that will fail after sometime.

Bottom Line:


Till you give up the so called healthy but MOST UNHEALTHY diet -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT -- for diabetics, don't expect things to improve. It will only go from bad to worse.

Switch to LCHF diet. If some one scares you wrt FAT, rest assured they have no practical experience with LCHF so their views are irrelevant. They are just promoting the most UNHEALTHY dietary advise, an advise that comes from ADA and a diet that got you diabetes in the first place.

NOTE: All the above is based on PERSONAL experience with LCHF and also how bad ADA's advise had been for me for 2 years, before I switched to LCHF.


i do not know since when you have this problem. long back i had tried unani medicine with gold Bhasam - it is expensive. you can try and make sure 'GOLD BHASAM" failing 'SILVER BHASAM' there in the medicine and not cheating


First maintain your sugar level as prescribed .and take medicine and do some regular excercise.

What is your age.

How long you are diabetic.

What is position of blood sugar & HbA1c.

What medicines you take.


Please follow Meetu advice.Bring your PPBS below 120 to 140 (maximum).FBS 90 to 100. HbA1C-5.6.Take methycobalamin 1500 mcg along with ALA 300mg regular after dinner.This is available in Diavit Plus capsules.Once you improve yours sugar parameters your ED will gradually improve. Thanks.

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My brother had some problem like yours. He took Agnus Cast 30 , for a month and got relief. If problem solved then stop taking.

25 grams will cost you around Rs 50 only.

Put Agnus Cast on google and read the information carefully. It is a marriage saving drug.

Also Take 5 Fos 6X thrice a day.

You will get both medicines from any Homeopathic shop.


ED or erectile dysfunction is when one fails to get erection or fail to sustain it for a sexual act. It can be due to stress,diabetes,heart disease, obesity,regular use of tobacco,some prescription drugs or even use of banned habit forming drugs. Even injury to lumber nerves can cause ED.

Best way to get a proper treatment to consult a urologist or a sexologist. Please do not go for here say medication.


Yes @makarim and @arunkumar3112.

Diabetic neuropathy is primarily the cause of ED. The only way to MINIMIZE neuropathy is get the sugar levels down to non diabetic range. The best and time tested way to do is through LCHF diet. It just works out of the box and whoever sticks to it sees the long-term advantage too. There's no hearsay when it comes to LCHF diet.

And, FAT (trans fat excluded) doesn't cause any problem on LCHF. Those who say it does, they have no personal experience with LCHF.


Herbal Aphrodisiacs are safe in diabetes or high bp. Take 1 cap Vita-X gold ( baidyanath) plus 1 cap himalays Tentex Forte during breakfast , and same with dinner.

Eat lots of ginger/garlic in your diet, lots of watermelon and dates. For adding more sexual energy have one tablespoon baidyanaths MUSLI PAK with milk in morning. Can also have couple of Shilajit Capsules during lunch.