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Fortunately I am free from sugar

After the sad condition of my friend due to Sugar problems I was worry about this bad disease, but my close relative too suffering it, recently from Kerala there is a good news of Single Medicine - a herb called -TINOSPORA TUBERCULATA- In Malayalam - KAIPPAMRUTHUM---It making results and my relative trying this - But centuries back in India at Kerala State using Ayurveda - To conclude with a question - Is anybody used it before and any other side effects?

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It is guduchi, it is available from Himalaya drugs co. it is a good immune modulator.


Do u have used Gudchi is it your B S normal both in FBS and PPBS and also HBA1C for recent tested Can u please share your bloodresults rescently done in lab and also in your own iam also share my details of blood test result in this forum Allmost all membes are in BS so if sharing thematter it is good thinking and if possible to alter the medicine or diet .

further u are using any medicineto BP and T2 if please mention thanks


Yes it's very effective I am using it since 9 months.


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