High blood pressure(hypertension)- when i measure my blood pressure at home i have noticed that reading is always higher in one arm,

Generally a small difference in blood pressure reading between arms is not a health concern.However,a difference of not more than 20 millimeters of mercury (mmhg) for systolic pressure(top number)or more than 10 mmhg.for diastolic pressure(bottom number)may be sign of an underlying problem -------such as narrowing of the main arteries to that arm.If you have a significant difference in blood pressure readings between arms,talk to your doctor.

A difference of 10-15 mmhg for systolic pressure that shows up repeatedly is a risk marker for vascular disease and for greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease and related complications during the next 10 years.

Your doctor may measure your blood pressure in both arms,to see if you have high blood pressure(hypertension),if your blood pressure is higher in one arm,your doctor will probably use the blood pressure reading from that arm to monitor your blood pressure.

A large difference in blood pressure measurement between your arms could signal a health problem,such as

Blocked arteries,

Kidney disease


Heart defects.

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  • What about pulse rate in both left and right wrist? Please also try counting pulse in arms raised over your head.

  • Pulse rate while in rest should be between60-100 beats/minute for adults,i qualify for that

  • Question is different.

  • dear patliji,

    pulse rate has to be the same through out the body.

    how can it differ? it is just the number of contractions of the heart.if pulses are very week due to narrowing of arteries or anything as sharmaji mentions ,

    the machine may fail to detect all pulses and thus a difference may crop in.but long before such a thing happens i think there will be other physical symptoms.doctors may be able to tell.

    good luck.

  • There are a few conditions when there is difference of pulse in both wrists. But forget ,I asked this question. It is irrelevant for this forum.

  • heart rate and blood pressure are two un related items.

    the pulse rate ofcourse can tell the health of the heart--in general cardio vascular health.

    where as the bp is mostly dependent on issues like blood vessel inner diameter [atherosclerosis] blood volume and many other things like the elasticity of blood vessels.

    in machines , ithink they have incorporated it because


    that is freely available.

    i mean ,

    afterall ,for measuring bp the electronics inside the machine has to detect the pulses -now counting it is at near zero expenditure.this last paragraph is my opinion only.

    about the pulse rate and pressure you may read at


    good luck

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