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Managing BP at Home Works in High -Risk Patients

A program that enabled patients with diabetes,chronic Kidney disease,or other major cardiovascular risk factors to self manage their hypertension reduced their systolic blood pressure,researchers said.

Those with baseline blood pressure of at least130/80mm hg.who were randomized to blood pressure self monitoring and self-titration of hypertension medications had a significantly lower mean systolic blood pressure after compared with those randomized to usual care(9.2mm hg reduction,(95% CI5.7--12.7),MCMANUS.PhD,from the University of Oxford,and colleagues,reported in the journal of the American Medical Association.

They estimated that the reduction would be associated with about a 30% reduction in stroke risk ,should it be sustained.------

New research demonstrated that patients with hypertension and significant cardiovascular co morbidity can greatly reduce their blood pressure by self monitoring,and following a per-specified logarithm developed in consultation with a primary care physician.

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It should have been" Pre-specified algorithm developed in consultation with a primary care physician".,in place of"Pre specified logarithm developed in consultation with primary care physician"Error is regretted.

He pointed out that even when hypertensive patients pay frequent visits to their healthcare providers,medications often are not adujusted when blood pressure readinds are not at target goals.

" We know that even in the best studies,action is taken only half the time when a raised blood pressure is recorded" he said."so our idea was to have plan in place,and give patients more control so they can make a change when blood pressure is above a certain level.http//www.medpagetoday.com/Endocrinology/General Endocronolgy.

By the way i had also started measuring my blood pressure at home,and record in a diary along uploading it value on my computer on monthly basis to show to my doctor during my next visit. Thanks


There is no question that whether it is diabetes or hypertension, self monitoring improves control.It is easier for diabetics as blood sugar control can be done through diet and/or life style adjustments.but BP self adjustment is not that easy as it requires drug adjustment. Self drug adjustment can be very dangerous and is never advisable. Only one thing which can be done and that is if BP falls below a certain level medicine can be stopped and if goes high consult a physician. I am talking in context of Indian patients and not western.


If you are already on medicine,for hypertension,after you had exhausted all others methods, such as diet and life style adjustment you can certainly reduce your dose if Systolic remains with in range of 115-120 mg.and Diastolic with in range of 75-80mg.

SO (1),IF Your top number is 140 mg or more you may have high Blood pressure,regardless your bottom number.

(2) If your bottom number is 90 or more then you may have High Blood Pressure regardless of your Top Number.

(3) If your Top Number is 90 or less,Then you have Low Blood Pressure regardless of your bottom number.

(4) If your bottom number is 60 or less then you may have low blood pressure regardless of your Top number.


For home monitoring target is 135/85,and in the office of doctor target range is 140/90 for hypertension. These values are of JNC-7 guidelines( Joint National committee) for hypertension.


Every body just missed my point. I am not concerned about what is normal, high or low BP . Even if you have BP monitor, most won't be able to make adjustment in BP fluctuations except to run to a doctor. Every monitor comes with pulse calculator. So BP + pulse is recorded. Can even an average educated person correlate these two to arrive at a conclusion. As I said earlier he can know his readings and if he sees any abnormality, he will run to a doctor and that is the best thing. I agree self monitoring will help him to keep a watch over his own BP .


You can download and print your Table data,graph,histogram co-relation etc from your computer ,the readings you have taken say during one month period,and show to doctor.Your Doctor will measure your blood pressure only once and since you have several readings with you,he will be able to analyses differently and co-relate his own reading with your.He will be able to prescribe any medicine more accurately,if you require,otherwise you will have to go again and again if the medicine prescribed does not suit to you,or vice versa. Thanks


The software it self co-relate the readings when you download to your computer,any average person who knows how to measure BP at home can understand it,get out prints show to doctor,if require,


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