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Many Tamil TVs have several Siddha Ayurvedic and Unani medicine manufactures as sponsors. Most of them advertise that diabetes can be completely cured within 3 to 5 months if we take their medicine.

One month medicine costs from Rs.3000/- to Rs.5000/- I want to know is it true?

If not so why don't you(the NGOs like you) may take legal actions against them to aware the innocent patients who believe their ads to get immediate and final cure?


Thanking you.


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In the UK we don't get ads for this on tv. As far as I know, from my diabetic nurse, you can have great control over your diabetes and get to a stage where it's diet managed but you will always have T2D. There's no cure as yet!




Right now, according to my limited medical knowledge, you cannot reverse diabetes. The ayurvedic and Siddha advts may be misleading, for sure, but their fine print will say conditions apply. Their way of substantiating their claim is to say that sugar readings are normal now and therefore you have been 'cured'. This will not stand scientific scrutiny. You can also complain online to the Advertisement Council of India about specific programmes. They do take action (I have personal experience on that).

But you can CERTAINLY control diabetes through a combination of food, exercise and medicines. By playing with the combination, you can do wonders. The primary focus should be on food. You are truly what you eat. Focus on 90% vegetables (a good amount being raw and high-fibre, such as greens). Eat a lot of 'watery' vegetables, such as cucumbers, ash gourd, ridge gourd, tomatoes. Make sure there's a large handful at least of greens, such as cordiander or other greens, in each meal. Fibre makes for slow absorbtion of food and keeps your sugar levels low. Concentrate on glycemic load (no so much glycemic index).

Every diet will have its supporters and research groups. Choose whatever you want only after extensive research and testing on your own body (the best investment is a glucometer; test constantly after each meal for 2-3 weeks and note which foods keep the levels low). What works for one person need not work for you.

Exercise like the devil. Walk briskly at least 45 min daily. Pranayama and meditation also help immensely. Drugs should be the last focus. By increasing the first two components, you will be able to reduce the third (medication) in consultation with a diabetologist.

Have an annual checkup of your eyes, teeth, feet, kidneys and heart. The biggest focus should be on keeping your sugar readings in the lower portion of normal. Keep you triglycerides below 100 (ideal 60-70) and don't worry too much on cholesterol (which should also be no more than 130 for Indians; not 150 as IMA recommends since studies have shown that once you cross 130, cardiac problems develop among Indians).


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