My weekly decline of 0.175% sustained from January 16th, and now; I am exiting diabetes range without any medication!

In the four week HBA1C the trend of 0.175% reduction per week since January 16th sustained and the score today May 16 is 6.5% (was 7.2% on April 18, and 7.9% on March 22nd, Feb 08: 9.0% Jan 16th: 9.8% and January 11: 11.6%)

If you argue that pre-diabetes (high diabetes risk) is up to 6.4% and not 6.5%, I submit that because 6.5% is minimum 57 day average (57-150 days), for the recent 28 days maximum value logically is 6.2%.

I will put a fresh update three months from now. (I do monitor glucose level on glucometer several times a day and may continue the four weekly A1C)

I have put up my 2,200 daily diet and exercise data on this forum and will email a copy to anyone who asks for it.

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  • pl send me a copy as how you manage it

    warm rewgards

  • Dear norreal, kindly mail me your diet and exercise details. My HBVC 1 is 6.7.

  • pl send me a copy as how you manage it. My HBA1c is 5.9

    warm rewgards

  • Hb1ac test should be done once in 3 months. I doubt the efficacy of the monthly tests.

  • everexotic: For non diabetic this test is done once a year! When experiments are underway, it is even done every week.

  • Every week is overkill, when one month's RBC can only have 50% weigh on A1C. I would rather look at PPBS average.

  • medfree you are right. You will agree in this declining scenario, current has to be lower than average? BTW I use the glucometer very frequently and in the past month RBS is mostly under 150, as low as 120. [BTW I was referring to scientific research studies where trends are monitored for 'change in rate of change' versus absolute values.

  • Finally you have to aim for 5.6 or lower to be out of the danger zone. As for rate of change, that would again depend n PPBS primarily, presuming FBS falls in safe range.

  • medfree: Because of poisoning in 1997, heavy smoking history and age 61 going onto 62, I am happy with 6.5%. Yes, I will keep working to reduce further.

  • Hba1c is never measured on weekly basis. In some studies it is done monthly. One can not rely totally on Hba1c. Actual FBS, PPBS and BS spikes are more important .

  • Thank you shrisamarh. I have been monitoring on glucometer several times a day (RBS previously 160+ and up to 275 now is 120-165)

  • Hi ,Great stuff that u have your sugar under control will love to know your exact diet & exercise regimen. Keep up the good stuff.

  • Pl.send me a copy of your diet and exercise detail. thanks.

  • I have mailed out my daily diet quota/plan to every request I received up to 11 P.M. Indian Standard Time May 17. If I have missed anyone because of oversight, please protest.

  • if you post your diabetic management programme here in this forum, it will be more useful to everyone.


  • SHASUN: I have put it here twice and emailed it to close to a hundred.

  • As of now, I have no request pending for my daily diet quota. I have emailed everyone who asked for it till 9.29 P.M. of May 17, 2014.

  • Congratulations and best of luck ! Pl send me also ur diet chart. Thank u...

  • Please check your inbox.

  • ragivrao: Yes it is real. It is through diet and exercise regime that I have in boxed you.

  • Hi Sir,

    Can you please send me the diet?

  • I will inbox you in a moment. However, to enable me send you a more readable copy, please send me your email ID at:

  • Please mail me your diet plan. My HbA1C is 6.2 tested last month.

    Warm regards,

  • Keep your carbohydrate intake under 200 kcalories at each of 3 meals per day.

  • sshk: My diet plan is in your inbox. I am not sure it will work for you because it I not low carb or is not low carb enough. It worked for me because I was taking more than twice the carb I am now taking.

  • Kindly send me your diet and exercise details to

  • I have both emailed and in-boxed you at healthunlocked.

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